Ukrainian aviation attacks Russian invaders and their equipment



Zelensky warns that EU decision on Ukraine is imminent as Russia “intensifies” the fighting

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky warned on Sunday that Russia could intensify its “hostile activity” this week as Kyiv awaits a historic decision from the European Union on its application for membership. Approximately three months after Russia began its bloody invasion of its own country, Zelensky said in an evening speech that “there were few such fateful decisions for Ukraine,” as expected from the EU this week. “Only positive decisions are in the interests of Europe as a whole.” “Clearly, we expect Russia to intensify hostile activity this week … we are prepared. We are ready.” He continued. Ukraine also said it had repelled a new attack by Russian troops on the Eastern Front, shaken by weeks of fierce fighting to occupy the industrial Donbus area. Earlier, Zelensky vowed that his army would not give up on the southern part of the country after he visited the front lines of the country. However, Zelensky’s rebellion warns NATO Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg that the war could last “years” and provides Western countries with long-term military, political and economic assistance. It happened because I urged him to prepare. “The high costs should not weaken support for Ukraine, not only because of military support, but also because of rising energy and food prices,” Stoltenberg told the German daily Bild. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson issued a similar warning, stating that not providing sustained support to Kyiv would run the risk of “the greatest victory of the aggression” since World War II. Ukraine has repeatedly urged Western nations to step up arms deliveries since the invasion on February 24, despite warnings that it could cause a wider conflict from nuclear-armed Russia. -Residents’ Rally-Zelensky said on Sunday that he visited troops in the nearby and adjacent Odessa region for the first time since the invasion after a rare trip to the Black Sea holdout city of Mykolaiv outside Kyiv. “We will not give the South to anyone. We will return everything of us and the sea will be safe in Ukraine,” he said in a video posted on Telegram when he returned to Kieu. rice field. The Russian Defense Ministry launched a missile attack in the last 24 hours on Sunday, killing “more than 50 generals and officers” in a single attack by a Calibble missile at a top-level Ukrainian military conference near the city of Dnipro. Stated. He also said he had targeted a building in Mykolaiv that housed weapons provided by the West and destroyed “10 155mm howitzers and about 20 armored vehicles supplied to the Kieu administration from the West in the last 10 days.” .. There was no independent verification of the claim. Mykolaiv is Russia’s main target as it is on its way to Odessa’s strategic port. Residents are paying attention to mobilizing homefront efforts as Russia maintains a blockade of Odessa, which has locked grain supplies and threatened the global food crisis. “I started making camouflage nets for the army every day, including weekends,” said Natalia Pinchenkova, 49, behind the big union flag, thanks to Britain for her support for Ukraine. I expressed my intention. -& nbsp; “Hold Up”-The Ukrainian War has spurred not only the global food crisis, but also the energy crisis. Sanctions have put more pressure on the European economy by significantly reducing gas supplies, resulting in higher energy prices. Germany announced on Sunday emergency measures such as increasing coal use to ensure it meets energy demand after Russia’s gas supply declines. Austria is also looking at coal, and the government announced on Sunday that it would reopen a suspended coal-fired power plant to address the shortage, but the process could take months. Meanwhile, Italian company Eni participated in a huge Qatar project to expand production from the world’s largest natural gas field a few days after Russia cut its supply to Italy. The worst battles continue in the eastern industrial Donbus region, intensifying in villages outside Severodonetsk under weeks of relentless Russian fires. Ukrainian troops said on Sunday that they had pushed back a Russian attack on a village near Severodonetsk. “Our troops have repelled the assault in the Toshkifka region,” Ukrainian troops said on Facebook, adding that Russian troops are also “attacking” the village of Orihob. Zelensky said the fight there was “fierce,” but he remained determined and bright. “Our army is holding up,” he said. burs-dk / har / bbk / st / des