Ukrainian Chinese citizens in despair while Beijing defeats evacuation efforts

The promise of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to evacuate people is unreliable when many countries have already evacuated citizens and students from the war as Russia invades Ukraine, and the official evacuation it claimed. I was surprised at the number. We included the Chinese who fled Ukraine on their own.

The Chinese embassy in Ukraine said on February 28 that it had “organized” the evacuation of the first group of 400 Chinese students from Odessa, Ukraine. On the same day, about 200 Chinese students leave Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

However, according to information received by The Epoch Times, on March 1, official figures were immediately questioned by Chinese citizens trying to escape from Ukraine alone. In a WeChat group formed by Chinese in Ukraine, he said: In fact, I know 3 or 4 people, so there are only 83 people. “

Others said that many Chinese thought they had already evacuated to China.

One said, “This is really a fake!” “Does the government include our number of evacuees on our own initiative? [in the official evacuation number]?? “

China’s media coverage on March 1 ended this speculation. Ding Jianwei, a press adviser to the Chinese embassy in Ukraine, said that on March 1, nearly 1,000 more Chinese would leave Ukraine, according to [that is, left on their own].. “

Another Ukrainian Chinese said: There are no charter flights for evacuation, so all the planes I’ve seen online, have already returned to China, or are about to return to China are just rumors. “

According to Chinese media reports, the situation in Ukraine continues to deteriorate and airspace is closed, making charter flights difficult. However, some Chinese students said in the WeChat group that India has evacuated students to neighboring countries and returned from there by charter flights.

The Chinese Communist Party embassy in Ukraine has registered that more than 6,000 overseas Chinese have left the country, and the embassy should check one by one to make sure they can all be evacuated in time through different routes. He added that he asked.

However, one student said he could not reach the embassy by phone. “After being notified by the embassy, ​​my classmates told me to meet in front of the Red University Building in Kyiv, but many didn’t know that … why did I get the evacuation notice? I don’t know if there were only a few. Not all. “

“We wanted our home country to be able to bring us home as soon as the West. [but] Now I am very disappointed.Some people in the group said [we] I need to understand my home country, but I can’t. I don’t want to be part of the casualties. “

Another expressed disappointment and helplessness to the CCP authorities. “Thailand has withdrawn all its people. India has also withdrawn 16,000, but Ukraine still has more than 6,000. [Chinese] student. I feel a little helpless. “

A Chinese in Odessa, Ukraine, told The Epoch Times: Everyone is trying to find a way out. Some are still waiting for the embassy to make arrangements. Many people are discussing ways to escape in a makeshift WeChat group. “

“I heard that the subway is too crowded to ride. I dare not go out. I don’t know what’s going on outside.”

“Now that the war is happening, it’s not even easy to find a bus.”

Another Chinese named Mu Feng (pseudonym) told The Epoch Times: “There are Chinese in both Kharkov and Kyiv bomb shelters in Ukraine. The situation is dangerous. [They’re] Now under bombardment and bombardment. “

“Ukraine is early in the morning. People are sleeping in fear and wondering if they will be bombed.”

A Chinese man whose wife is Ukrainian describes the family situation as follows: My child woke up with an alarm clock. My wife was sealing the window with tape … “

“There is a civil society man with a gun of 100 to 200 meters. [about 109 to 218 yards] Mr. Lv of Kyiv said. “There is nothing in the supermarket, and there is a line at the door.”

Another Chinese posted to the WeChat group that it is becoming more and more expensive to flee Ukraine as the war prolongs. “The cost is $ 1,000. [train] I didn’t go home because I was seated yesterday. I stayed in the air raid shelter in Kyiv’s basement and prepared food for a month. “

“Yesterday, the escape fee rose to 10,000 yuan ($ 1,584). Now I can’t get on the train even if I have money. The station is full of people.”

Epoch Times reporter Ellen Wang contributed to this report.

Jennifer Bateman


Jennifer Bateman is a news writer focused on China.