Ukrainian Chinese scream for evacuation, Poland reach out

Ukrainian Chinese were crying for help on February 28, as the Chinese embassy had just begun to evacuate its citizens from the country. Earlier that day, the Polish Embassy in China announced that Chinese could leave Ukraine via Poland.

“Chinese citizens of Ukraine. If you do not have a valid Schengen visa [an EU visa that allows people to travel freely] But I want to evacuate across the Polish-Ukraine border … I’m allowed to enter Poland, “the embassy posted on February 28 on Weibo, a social media platform like China’s Twitter.test [for COVID-19] Or get vaccinated. “

The embassy said Chinese who want to enter Poland must have an ID to verify their identity and can stay in Poland for up to 15 days. Polish border control allows only Chinese who want to escape the war caused by the Russian invasion to enter the country.

After the Polish embassy posted the announcement, Chinese netizens responded swiftly and disseminated information to other Chinese social media platforms.

“Thank you, Poland!” “Poland, you are our real friend!” The main sentiment of the comments left by Chinese netizens under the announcement was.

Ukrainian Chinese have been crying for evacuation for the past few days. The opening of the Polish border gave them a way out.

Chinese student

South Reviews (Nanfengchuang in Chinese), a magazine run by the Guangdong Provincial Government, interviewed Chinese student Li Yiping on February 26, saying: She is worried that she will be hit by a bomb the next second and die. “

Lee and seven other Chinese students will stay at the bargain from February 24 and take turns falling asleep. Awakened people are responsible for checking the news to find out when the Chinese embassy announced their evacuation and protecting their food and water.

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Ukrainian military personnel of the 92nd Mechanized Brigade used tanks, self-propelled artillery and other armored vehicles on February 10, 2022 to conduct live-fire training near the town of Chuhuiv in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine. To do. (AFP via Sergey Bobok / Getty Images)

“I registered with the embassy [of China in Ukraine] Yue Jamin, a Chinese student in Kyiv, said on February 27 that the Hubay state government in China runs Jim News. .. “

Yue said she had enough food and water for a few days, but he really wants to evacuate as soon as possible.

Li Jinhong (a pseudonym), a Chinese student in Kharkov, told Jim that he lives in a dorm building with other students.

“We tried to reduce the consumption of drinking water,” Li said. “We are very worried.” He explained that Kharkov tap water cannot be safely drunk. They bought enough water, but didn’t want to use it too soon because they didn’t know when the Chinese embassy would evacuate them.

“No one lives a horrifying life [like ours] a long time. I hope the war will end as soon as possible, “Kyiv Chinese student Wang Jun (a pseudonym) told Jim.

To avoid the possibility of harassment, Lee and his fellow Chinese students deleted the two lines of Chinese poetry “Antithetical Couplet” posted on the side of the door for Chinese Lunar New Year. Said. The inhabitants inside were Chinese.

The Beijing Youth Daily also interviewed Ukrainian Chinese students, stating that they are facing a similar situation. All students waited to evacuate and showed that they dared not show their Chinese identity in order to avoid possible conflicts.

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Refugees from Ukraine will arrive at a temporary shelter near Korczowa in Poland on February 28, 2022. (Sean Gallup / Getty Images)

Chinese regime

On February 28, the Chinese embassy announced that it would finally start evacuating.

On the day, they welcomed about 200 students from Kyiv University, took them to Moldova, and took about 400 Chinese students from the Ukrainian city of Odessa, about 40 miles from Moldova.

According to the embassy, ​​more than 6,000 Chinese have registered for evacuation at the embassy in the last five days.

In a video of the embassy released on the Weibo account on February 26, Ukrainian Chinese ambassador Fan Xianrong said:It is possible to ensure safety [to leave] In such a situation? “

According to Ukrainian Chinese students, they were in danger not only because of the Russian invasion, but also because of the Chinese administration’s attitude towards the invasion, and because Chinese internet citizens are joking about the situation on social media platforms. ..

Hu Xijin, the former editor-in-chief of China’s state-run tabloid Global Times, posted on Weibo on February 26, stating that the Ukrainian government should be called a neo-Nazi if there is a Chinese exclusion campaign.

In a post, Hu said, “Chinese net citizens support Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and Russia’s invasion,” and “Chinese men want to take advantage of the opportunity of war.” People now admit that they hate the Chinese. [in which men were fighting], To marry a Ukrainian woman. “

Nicole Hao


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