Ukrainian citizens told to “make Morotov cocktails” against Russian tanks on the streets of Kiev

Residents of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, were told to “make a Morotov cocktail” on Friday because they were hiding in temporary shelters and subway stations awaiting a Russian attack.

“Make a Molotov cocktail to incapacitate the occupiers!” Defense Ministry I have written On Twitter, the local government told people in northwestern Obolon to leave the street because of the “active hostility” they were approaching.

“We are citizens, [Russian] Device! Make a Molotov cocktail and incapacitate the occupiers! Peaceful Residents-Beware! Don’t leave the house! According to the translation, the Ministry of Defense wrote on Twitter.

Some residents evacuated to a subway station used as an air raid shelter, or rushed to the basement of an apartment or other building when an air raid warning sounded.

That is because Russian troops were seen to be stationed in the area around Kiev. according to For video footage uploaded online.Military equipment Apparently seen In Obolon, near the capital of 3 million, a Russian army was seen in Bucha, a suburb of Kiev. The Epoch Times could not independently confirm whether they were Russian troops.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on the Kremlin to meet and to act more swiftly to block the Russian economy and provide Ukrainian military assistance to Western forces.

“When a bomb falls on Kiev, it happens not only in Ukraine but also in Europe,” he said. “When missiles kill our people, they kill all Europeans.”

Rising smoke
On February 24, 2022, smoke and flames rose near military facilities after Russia apparently went on strike in Kiev, Ukraine. (Efrem Lukatsky / AP Photo)
Right-wing militias gather outside
On February 24, 2022, right-wing militias gather outside the city hall before being deployed to the defensive position in Kiev, Ukraine. (Pierre Crom / Getty Images)

Zelensky’s whereabouts were kept secret after Zelensky told European leaders that he was Russia’s primary target.

He also offered to negotiate one of Putin’s key demands. It declares Ukraine neutral and abandons its ambition to join NATO. The Kremlin replied that Russia was ready to send a delegation to Belarus to discuss it, but Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Viklov said it was too late, saying Zelensky should have previously agreed to the negotiations. Suggested.

“No one intends to attack the Ukrainian people,” Lavrov said in a statement to CNN, and the military said “there are no strikes on private infrastructure.” However, video footage uploaded in various parts of Ukraine showed a clear aftermath of a military attack on housing.

“I emphasize: read what Putin said. There are no strikes on civilian infrastructure, Ukrainian military personnel, their dormitories, or other locations not connected to military installations. I. “Statistics we have confirmed this,” Kremlin’s top diplomat told the network.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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