Ukrainian citizens use their bodies to block Russian tanks

Russian tank

Russian tank ANATOLIISTEPANOV / AFP via Getty Images

Ukrainian citizens of the city of Bakhmach stood in front of a Russian tank advancing on Saturday, according to a video verified by CNN..

According to CNN, “[i]In the video, you can see tanks driving on the road in Bakhmach, just over 110 miles northeast of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. “

The video shows a man climbing while a Russian tank is driving down the streets of the city. The tank stops and the man gets off and kneels a little in front of him before he stands up and moves out of the way.

According to CNN’s translation, you’ll hear “they are throwing bikes under Russian tanks,” but no one can see them in the video. The voice also explains that people “throw under the wheels.” At the end of the video, you can see someone returning to the tank and climbing.

Ukrainian government Recommended Distribute civilians to protect your country Assault rifle Encourage citizens to assemble Morotov cocktails. The Russian Defense Ministry has condemned these actions and argued that arming untrained citizens “inevitably leads to accidents and casualties.” CNN..

The U.S. Department of Defense said that 50% of Russia’s army of about 200,000 people gathered on the Ukrainian border, Invasion Currently fighting in Ukraine. USA Today report Saturday afternoon.

according to USA TodayRussian reconnaissance troops entered Kiev and fought a street battle with Ukrainian troops, but the main troops heading south from Belarus towards the capital are still about 18 miles away.

Bakhmach is about 150 miles from Kiev and is located between the capital and the northeastern city of Kharkov. CNBC..

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