Ukrainian disposable men and heroic women


A month after the tragedy that is happening in Ukraine, we face the image of heroic men and women who protect our country every day. The news tells us that even some women who first fled to other countries are now returning to contribute to the war effort. “Ukrainian women are volunteering to fight and history shows that they always have,” boasts NPR news. Talk..

Last month’s media articles were heated by articles about brave women and Twitter posts by women in combat uniforms.

“Ukraine has equal opportunities for women. Bullets from women have the same effect as bullets from men …” #StandWithUkaine..

Except for the relatively small number of Ukrainian bullets from women. The government ensured that by forcing all men between the ages of 18 and 60 to defend the country while women were given leave to escape.

After decades of feminists demanding equal treatment of women, including the right of women to serve the front lines of the army, that demand seems to be largely forgotten.

The voice of one TikTok man evoked the feminist silence. He attracted a wave of criticism and his video was deleted.

TikTok users, @notpoliticalspeakingThere was a willingness to point out that the 32,000 women reported in the Ukrainian army were not so many. He estimates that there are 17 million women in the country.

Social media was enthusiastic about dozens of articles calling on the man “for his ignorance and misogyny.”

But he is right. The Ukrainian crisis has exposed the obvious hypocrisy of today’s feminism. There, feminists talk about equality, but are willing to take advantage of old-fashioned chivalry, which requires that only men be disposable.

Epoch Times Photo
On March 11, 2022, female soldiers of the Ukrainian Territory Defense Corps, a military reserve of the Ukrainian Army, drink tea in an underground parking lot converted into a training and logistics base in Kyiv, Ukraine. (Sergei Supinsky / AFP via Getty Images)

“Women are too valuable to participate in combat,” US Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger said in the 1980s, when military leaders were still allowed to say such things.

Feminists are currently silent. Ukraine has forced the entire population of adult men to protect their country, and precious women are protected.

Traditionally, this has been justified using evolutionary arguments. The size of the next generation is constrained by the number of fertile females, and the species can tolerate the loss of males rather than the loss of females.

No one dares to point out that this is rarely the case for all single women in their 40s who have seen them scrambling to catch a crowded train outside the county. ..

Other arguments for providing special protection to women no longer hold water. The active role women play in the military is paid for in the traditional debate about women’s lack of power. And when faced with most modern weapons, gender-based forces are irrelevant.

Let’s face it. No one contends with the need to protect children and perhaps mothers, but the view of women as a protected class is a legacy of traditional and chivalry thinking that is too useful for feminists to abandon. Not too much.

So they take the cake and eat it and take advantage of every opportunity, pretending to be more than men, not just exploiting men by claiming that women are also suffering.

More tactics that women suffer were made famous by Hillary Clinton. declaration: “Women have always been the main victims of war.” Because “I lost her husband, father, and son in battle” and “I often take responsibility for raising my child alone”.

Warren Farrell, in “The Myth of Men’s Power,” mentions a parade article about the 40 million Russian / Soviet people killed between 1914 and 1945. The man died, but the woman lost so many men that she remained in the position of a factory or street cleaner.

Epoch Times Photo
A woman stands in front of the tomb of a Ukrainian soldier at a commemorative ceremony at the Richakiv Cemetery in Lviv, western Ukraine, on February 20, 2022. (Yuriy Dyachyshyn / AFP via Getty Images)

As the horrific Ukrainian situation continues, social media gets hot with messages talking about women’s plight and barely mentions men.

A Guardian article Describe the uncertain future faced by “evacuated women, children and others”.

others? Perhaps it includes men who are awkward and unheard of — like men who are too old to fight.

another Twitter post The echo of the white feathers that women handed to young men in World War I urged them to fight fiercely and embarrassed them to fulfill their obligations to protect them.

I have video Ukrainian men were arrested for leaving the country and handed tulips, perhaps as insulting as their masculinity.

attractive articlePublished in The Conversation by a Newcastle law professor, arguing that banning men from leaving Ukraine violates their human rights. Surprisingly, even if the author raises the fear of LGBTQI + people who may face discrimination if captured by Russians, there is no word in the whole article about the discriminatory treatment of men.

I was shocked to hear the truth behind reports of the kidnapping of 200 female students by Nigerian Muslim group Boko Haram. Remember all the sparkles lined up to protest this event?

Why didn’t we tell that Boko Haram set fire to the school dormitory two months ago and killed 59 sleeping boys? This is the third tragedy of this kind in just eight months. And why were we not informed when the attack on the boy continued?Where was the press when it was over? 330 boys were kidnapped More than a year ago?

In the eyes of the Western media, a boy’s life is often considered worthless or quite worthless.One of the few feminist contributions I came across to this debate is article Daily Mail columnist Amanda Platell talks about a photo of Ukrainian father Serhii hugging the body of his 15-year-old deceased son.

She writes: “In our demand for equality here in Britain, we women have, for decades, castrated men, defeated warriors, and demanded contact with the feminine side, but I. We’ve done that, so it’s misguided.

“The arrogance that we feminists should emote more. When he hugs his dead son, tell it to the poor Selhi. One good that comes from this horrific war is me in the west. Let us hope that we will eventually embrace the goodness, unique dignity, and courage of men. “

A rare and moving insight in the dazzling coverage of the role of men in this horrifying tragedy.

And I couldn’t resist the bitter smile at the meme, who said, “When the barbarians are at the gate, suddenly masculinity is no longer toxic.”

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