Ukrainian fighter pilot Ace, known as Kyiv’s ghost, was killed in battle, the report said.


A T-shirt featuring

A T-shirt featuring “Ghost of Kyiv” will be seen at Aviatsiya Halychyny’s clothing company in Lviv, Ukraine, on April 22, 2022.Leon Neil / Getty Images

  • Reportedly, the so-called Ghost of Kyiv died in a battle last month.

  • Pilot Ace is said to have shot down as many as 40 Russian aircraft during the war.

  • Many speculated that he was a myth, but it became clear that his identity was Major Stepan Tarabarka.

According to local sources, a famous Ukrainian fighter pilot called Ghost of Kyiv died in battle. London Times..

The Ghost of Kyiv first appeared when the Ukrainian government tweeted a video honoring an unknown pilot at the time when he shot down six Russian aircraft on the first day of the war. He is said to have shot down up to 40 Russian aircraft.

According to The Times, his identity was revealed as Major Stepan Tarabarka, 29, who was killed on March 13, when “overwhelming” Russian troops shot down the MiG-29 in flight.

Ukrainian sources told the paper that his helmet and goggles will be sold at an auction in London.

“People call him the Ghost of Kyiv, and of course, this UAF ace dominates the skies of our capital and country and is already a nightmare to invade Russian aircraft. “The tweet states.

A few days before his death, a Ukrainian staff member released an image of a fighter pilot in the cockpit of the MiG-29 jet with his face hidden, saying, “Hello occupier, I am for your soul. I’m here! “

Since his identity was kept secret, many speculated that the Ghost of Kyiv was a myth designed to boost Ukrainian morale. However, the government continued to claim that he was genuine.

Tarabarka was born into a working-class family in a small village in Kororifka and graduated from Kharkiv National Air Force University, The Times reported.

He left his wife Olena and his eight-year-old son Yarick.

His parents, Ivan and Natalia, interviewed NPR after his son’s death and elaborated on his lifelong dream of becoming a fighter pilot.

“He constantly monitored the paratroopers and ran in their direction to see where they landed. From early childhood, he always dreamed of the sky and dreamed of flying above the clouds. Was, “said her mother Natalia. NPR..

His father told NPR that he was not informed of the details of his son’s last flight and did not return after completing the mission.

His parents confirmed that the fighter pilot was awarded the Hero of Ukraine, the highest medal in Ukraine, for his courage in combat under the title of Hero of Ukraine.

“Of course, when he was with us, he had already won and deserved this medal, this honor,” Ivan told NPR. “We are proud of him, but I hope he can get this honor after the war. I wish he was still alive.”

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