Ukrainian forces continue offensive, claim new achievements


Kyiv, UKRAINE (AP) — Ukrainian forces continued to advance on Monday with attacks that embarrassed Moscow, with Kyiv officials and foreign observers hinting at new gains in the strategic region south of Kherson.

Kherson is one of the toughest battlefields for Ukrainians and progress has been slow compared to Ukraine’s breakout offensive around Kharkov, the country’s second-largest city in the northeast, that began last month.

Ukrainian media highlighted images of Ukrainian troops raising flags at a landmark in the village of Khreshchenivka, in the same area of ​​Kherson, where Ukrainian forces appear to have broken through Russian lines.

Russian military bloggers near Moscow are increasingly acknowledging that Ukraine has good manpower in the region, backed by tank forces.

Kirill Stremsov, an official with Russia stationed in the Kherson region, admitted in a video statement Monday morning that Ukrainian forces had “brought through a little deeper”. However, he insisted that “everything is under control” and that Russia’s “defense system is working in the region.”

Russia struck Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s hometown and other targets with suicide drones on Sunday in a counterattack that reshaped the war as Ukraine regained full control of the strategic eastern city.

Russia’s recent loss of the eastern city of Lyman, which it used as a transportation and logistics hub, has led to an attempt to escalate the war by illegally annexing four regions of Ukraine and raising the threat of using nuclear forces. It was a new blow for the Kremlin. .

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s eminent domain threatens to push the conflict to a dangerous new level.It has also prompted Ukraine to formally apply for fast-track NATO membership.

In his nightly address Sunday, Zelensky spoke of the recent liberation of Lyman, a key Russian logistical node on the front line of the Northeast.

“The story of the liberation of Lyman in the Donetsk region is now the most popular one in the media, but the success of our soldiers is not limited to Lyman,” Zelensky said.

Lyman, which Ukraine surrounded and recaptured Russian forces, is located in the Donetsk region near the border with Luhansk. Both are among four regions Russia illegally annexed Friday after forcing them to vote in referendums at gunpoint.

In his broadcast, Zelensky also thanked the troops from his hometown near Kherson.

“To the soldiers of the 129th Brigade in my native Krivi Lee.

These two villages are in the same area where Ukrainian forces are advancing. Photos from the weekend have emerged showing Ukrainian military operations southwest of Novovoronsovka on the banks of the Dnieper.

Since the Russian offensive began in February, the Ukrainian military has recently reclaimed swaths of territory, particularly in the northeast around Kharkov, in a counterattack that embarrassed the Kremlin and sparked rare domestic criticism of Putin’s war. Successful.