Ukrainian forces killed 500 Russian soldiers and destroyed 17 UAVs on October 13


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Moscow loses control of Kherson, civilians told to flee

Story: The governor of the Russian-installed Kherson region in southern Ukraine told residents on Thursday to take their children and flee. In a telegram video statement, Vladimir Sardo publicly asked for Moscow’s help in transporting people to Russia. For this reason, the Kherson government has made it clear that Kherson’s family should travel to other parts of Russia for leisure and study,” and that “if civilians flee Kherson, it will be very difficult for Russia. Kherson is one of four provinces of partially occupied Ukraine that Russia claims to have annexed in recent weeks and is arguably the most strategically important province of the war. Russian President Vladimir Putin has responded to the losses with a dramatic escalation, firing more than 100 missiles across the country this week. The missile hit Zaporizhia again this week, raising concerns that a disaster at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant could release radioactive clouds or trigger a reactor meltdown. Rafael Grossi, head of the United Nations nuclear watchdog – the International Atomic Energy Agency – traveled between Russia and Kiev in another effort to establish a safe zone around the plant. , intentionally or unintentionally, requires the realization that it cannot be any military target in any way, and this is why we are trying to work on the perimeter.We are working in a certain way. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Thursday that Moscow must comply with the demilitarization of its nuclear power plants. Our capabilities are not enough, Germany opened up this possibility by providing the first IRIS-T system and the United States confirmed the support of NASAMS. We want it to be bigger.” The NATO allies at Thursday’s meeting in Brussels said the Patriots and He revealed plans to bolster Europe’s air defenses with other missile systems “direct parties to the conflict” and said allowing Ukraine to join NATO would spark a global conflict. .