Ukrainian general vows to continue fighting Russia while calling for foreign fighters

In a fiery Sunday morning message, Ukrainian military intelligence chief is rebellious, Day 4 of the Russian attack on his country..

“I’m here!” Ukrainian Brig. General Kirilo Budanov said in a message to the Military Times. “My wife is here! Kiev’s defense continues.”

Returning to the November interview with the Military Times, Budanov laid out Ukraine’s assessment of how Russia planned an attack.. It was the first time that those details were published.

According to Budanov, the attacks Russia was preparing at the time would be far more devastating than those seen in the conflict that began in 2014, killing about 14,000 Ukrainians. This has been proven to be the case as Russia is attacking Ukrainian cities and ports from the ground, air and sea.

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Ukrainians have always been known to fight fiercely against new aggression. Budanov said his efforts were effective in the Military Times on Sunday morning.

“The enemy has caused a great deal of casualties,” he said. “We use all available assets such as operational tactical missile systems, large MLRS, large caliber guns, etc. The morale of the defenders is high. The enemy has come to our land, so the last Eliminate the enemy until. “

His Sunday message amplified what he told the Military Times on Saturday.

“We are ready to fight and bleed for freedom,” he said. “We are staying in defense and killing Russian troops.”

In addition to the international weapons pouring into Ukraine, embarrassed countries may soon get some additional fighters. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has announced new efforts to strengthen Ukrainian troops with foreign fighters who want to join the cause.

The Ukrainian government, called the “International Army of Ukraine’s Territorial Defense,” invites those who want to fight to contact the foreign diplomatic missions of Ukraine in their respective countries.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said in a tweet on Sunday morning that he would “defeat Hitler and also Putin.”

Mr Budanov said he was pleased to see the new complaint.

“I’m glad I got help in fighting the enemy,” he said.

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However, Ukraine’s defense is expensive, Budanov said.

“There are many casualties among the citizens: elders and children,” he said.

Official estimates have so far killed about 200 Ukrainians, including three children. More are expected to die while more than 120,000 have already fled.

Ukrainian brig. General Kirilo Budanov, head of the Defense Intelligence Agency of the country.  (Courtesy: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine).

Ukrainian brig. General Kirilo Budanov, head of the Defense Intelligence Agency of the country. (Courtesy: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine).

Despite the costs, Budanov vowed that the fight would continue.

“Ukraine hasn’t given up!” He said. “The Ministry of Defense Intelligence Agency is maximizing its efficiency. We will sabotage, ambush, raid and liquidate! I and my people will tell Ukraine and its people under any circumstances. We will never betray our vow to serve! “