Ukrainian invasion will send a shock wave to Taiwan: Boris Johnson

Ukraine’s invasion of Russia will shock the world, including East Asia and Taiwan, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Saturday he would meet for unity at the Munich Security Conference.

Mr Johnson called the present “a moment of extreme danger” and said that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin’s intentions are not entirely clear, but “the precursors are harsh.”

Despite the hope that “diplomatic and dialogue” could ease tensions, “more than 130,000 Russian troops gathered at the Ukrainian border, and more than 100 battalion tactical groups threatened the Europeans. We must also be resolute and honest about today’s situation, the country, “he said.

It is believed that Russian-backed separatist leaders in eastern Ukraine have declared full military mobilization, and that US President Joe Biden has decided that Putin will attack Kiev in the coming days. After saying that.

Moscow has repeatedly denied accusations of planning an invasion of Ukraine.

Johnson imposes sanctions on Russian individuals and businesses when the invasion begins, saying, “Open the matryoshka dolls of Russian-owned companies and Russian-owned businesses to find the ultimate beneficiaries.” Threatened.

He also called on world leaders to unite against the threat.

“If Ukraine is invaded and overwhelmed, we will witness the destruction of a democratic nation, a country with a proud history of elections that has been free for generations.” He said.

“And every time the Western Minister visited Kiev, we assured the Ukrainian people and their leaders that there were four squares behind their sovereignty and independence.”

Johnson said these words would look “hollow,” “meaningless,” and “insulting” when the West turned away when Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence were at stake.

“If Ukraine is invaded, the shock will reverberate all over the world, and those echoes will be heard in East Asia and in Taiwan,” he said, and the risk would lead to the conclusion that the invasion of people would be rewarded. , And that may be correct. “

He urged leaders to “not allow the division of the new Yalta or our continent into new spheres of influence.”


Johnson warned that Russia’s aggression would not succeed in pushing NATO back, but would only further strengthen the eastern side of the alliance.

Johnson emphasized that NATO is “peaceful and defensive” in nature, arguing that NATO’s growing presence in Eastern Europe in recent years has responded to Putin’s provocation.

If Russia chooses to invade Ukraine, Johnson said, “There is no doubt that it will be in our collective interest that Russia ultimately fails and is considered to have failed at this conference. I added.

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