Ukrainian National Guard destroys Russian special forces in Kharkov province

VALENTYNA ROMANENKO – Monday 8 August 2022, 07:58

Tank-backed Ukrainian National Guard and Ukrainian Army aerial reconnaissance and artillery units destroyed a Russian Special Forces overthrow and reconnaissance group, as well as a Russian ammunition point in northern Kharkov province.

sauce: Eastern Operations Area Group of the Ukrainian National Guard Youtube

detail: The date by which these results were achieved due to effective cooperation between different units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is not disclosed.

The National Guard reports that its reconnaissance unit was able to locate Russian units and observe shells being unloaded at the location. Guards shared site coordinates with artillery units and helped coordinate artillery fire.

Quote: “UAV cameras captured the astonishing results of an uninvited guest from Nazi Russia’s ‘act of goodwill’.

Meanwhile, I carefully hid [Russian] The shell point was “demilitarized”.rebuild the hangar [where the Russians stored their ammunition – ed.] After the defeat of the Kremlin Horde in Ukraine. “

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