Ukrainian officials say citizens do not need to declare Russian tanks and military equipment captured for tax purposes

Fragments of destroyed Russian tanks can be seen on the roadside outside Kharkov on February 26, 2022.

Fragments of destroyed Russian tanks found on the outskirts of Kharkiv, Ukraine, on February 26.SERGEY BOBOK / AFP via Getty Images

  • Ukrainian officials say captured Russian tanks do not count as part of civilian income.

  • They said that seized tanks and military equipment do not need to be declared for tax purposes.

  • The capture of such material would be seen as “a manifestation of the unity and unity of the Ukrainian people,” officials said.

Ukrainian authorities have reassured citizens that they do not have to declare captured Russian tanks or the equipment they have earned as personal income.

“Are you worried about how to capture Russian tanks and armored personnel carriers and declare them? Keep calm and protect your country!” Read a statement from the Ukrainian State Agency (NACP) on anti-corruption. Seen by Interfax Ukraine.

“There is no need to declare captured Russian tanks or other equipment, as the cost does not exceed 100 living wages (UAH 248,100),” the authorities explained. The total is equivalent to about $ 8,300.

On the NACP website, documents According to Monday, the seizure of tanks and equipment is instead considered “a manifestation of the unity and unity of the Ukrainian people in the fight against the invaders” and is not taxed.

“Thanks to the courage and victory of the defenders of Ukraine, hostile military equipment, weapons, and other armor arrive as scrap. It is impossible to evaluate such objects in accordance with Ukrainian law.” And read the NACP guidelines.

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