Ukrainian police detain a man threatening to explode a grenade in a government building


Law enforcement officers detained a man who broke into Ukraine’s main government building on August 4, 2021, threatening to explode a grenade in Kiev, Ukraine, according to the head of the National Police. (Serhii Nuzhnenko / Reuters)

Kiev-Kiev police detained a man who forced his method into a major government building in Ukraine on Wednesday morning and threatened to explode a grenade, said Ihor Klimenko, head of state police.

“We were able to get out of this situation and neutralize the criminal,” Klimenko told the briefing.

He said the man whose demands were unclear was identified as a veteran of the war with Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine. Crimenko said the man had a real grenade and gave up himself after talking to friends and fellow veterans.

A video of an online incident that Reuters couldn’t immediately see showed a man in jeans and a striped T-shirt in one of the lobby of the building where the government ministers met. He has something in his right hand and is screaming that he has a grenade.

The Prime Minister’s Office is inside the building, but it was not immediately clear if the Prime Minister or other ministers were present at the time. A spokesman for the Prime Minister declined to comment.

Natalia Ginets