Ukrainian police detain soldiers accused of killing four fellow military personnel and one civilian

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ukrainian National Guard soldiers fired at fellow soldiers and then went to police, killing four military personnel and one civilian, and injuring five others.

Interior Minister Denys Monastyrsky confirmed that police had arrested the suspect shortly after the incident. Authorities have identified him as 21-year-old Artemiy Ryabchuk in Odessa, a port city in southern Ukraine.

The Home Office has released a photo of the suspect wearing his uniform while he was anchored on the ground while authorities were detaining him, news agency AFP reported.

According to a police statement, the incident took place on January 27 at a missile factory in the heart of the country at around 3:40 am local time. Soldiers armed with AK-47 assault rifles killed four military personnel and one civilian female, injuring the other five.

The other five injured in the shootout are reportedly hospitalized in serious condition. Doctors are now “fighting to save lives,” Monastilsky said.

Monastyrskiy also said that a special committee would be set up to investigate all situations that could lead to crime.

Deputy Interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko said the investigation focused on the motivation of the shooter. “First of all, the question of whether military personnel faced psychological pressure [his] The team will be studied, “Gerashchenko said.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky condolences to all family friends on Thursday, saying the shootings in Dnipro’s industrial city were “terrible” and demanded that investigators investigate the case thoroughly. ..

Epoch Times Photo
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will be seen at the Prime Minister’s Office in Berlin on July 12, 2021. (Pool photo by AP / Stefanie Loos)

“I expect law enforcement to fully inform the public about all situations of crime. Killer motives, how [the shooting] It is now possible. Everything needs to be analyzed as thoroughly as possible, “says Zelensky.

After tens of thousands of Russian troops gathered on the Russian-Ukrainian border, shootings took place as Ukraine and Eastern Europe became more vigilant. The case does not appear to be related to the upcoming conflict.

The Pentagon has warned about 8,500 US troops in Europe and the United States ready to be deployed to the east of NATO as needed. To strengthen the defense of Ukraine.

Russia accused Washington of fueling tensions over Ukraine, reiterating that the crisis was caused by the actions of the United States and NATO, rather than the build-up of its troops at the Ukrainian border.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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