Ukrainian President’s reputation goes down as a crisis with Russian breweries

Kiev, Ukraine (AP) — As a political beginner unlikely to become President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky reaches out to rebels backed by eastern Russia who were fighting Ukrainian troops and resolves the conflict. I vowed to move forward towards. Guarantee contributed to his landslide victory in 2019.

But after two and a half years in office, Zelensky fears that Ukraine is on the verge of invading Russia, which will hit not only the rebel areas, but perhaps other parts of the country. We are watching the huge amount of support that was once gone away.

To make matters worse, the incumbent, who was defeated by Zelensky in 2019, faced treason and boldly returned to the country to stir up opposition to him. Meanwhile, analysts say Moscow is trying to increase support among Ukrainian pro-Russian politicians, and that the buildup of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border will destabilize the country’s politics. It suggests that it is the purpose.

British intelligence claimed last month that Russia was trying to overthrow the Zelensky administration and replace it with a minor party leader who opposes Ukraine’s ambitions to join NATO and the European Union.

Zelenskyy sought to calm Sunday’s political turmoil by downplaying the strengthened warning from the United States about the imminent possibility of Russia’s aggression.

“We understand all the risks,” Zelenskyy said, adding that if anyone has “information about a 100% certain intrusion starting on the 16th,” they need to come forward. rice field.

Maneuverability and disappointment among ordinary Ukrainians presents a significant challenge for a country where democracy has been chambolic for decades. Over the last two decades, Ukraine has endured two serious rebellions. The first is a large, bloody protest that forced the fraudulent presidential election to rerun and forced the Kremlin-friendly president out of the country in 2014. Parliament. Political alliance often changes, and parties transform into new entities.

“The biggest risk to Ukraine and the biggest risk to our sovereignty is … destabilization within our state,” Zelensky said last month.

However, Ukrainians are largely uncertain that Zelensky can ensure its stability. According to a January poll by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology, only 30% of the country’s people want Zelenskyy to run for the second term, and even less 23% will vote for him.

The ongoing conflict in the eastern part of the rebels and the prospect of a full-scale war are not the only factors behind his decline in support.

“Zelensky promised to end the war and defeat corruption, but this didn’t happen,” said Kiev’s 48-year-old driver Anatoliy Rudenko. “Prices are rising, corruption isn’t gone, and we’re living a poorer life.”

“No miracle happened. The situation is getting worse,” said 54-year-old economist Tatiana Schmeleva.

Zelenskyy initially made a name for himself in Ukraine as a comedy actor who inadvertently became president after opposition to corruption. In one analyst’s view, he followed a similar path and made a mistake as president.

“Zelensky made a mistake by starting a confrontation with all the oligarchs of Ukraine at once, which dominates major political forces, political parties and television channels. This is a very dangerous and very dangerous game. “Vladimir Fesenko, head of the Penta Analysis Center, said.

Among the oligarchy mentioned by Fesenko is Petro Poroshenko. Petro Poroshenko, who preceded Zelensky as president, is now facing treason allegedly promoting coal sales that funded eastern rebels. Rinat Akhmetov, a businessman from eastern Ukraine who dominates the opposition. Victor Medvedchuk, Russia’s most prominent pro-Russian politician, has three television stations blocked on suspicion of disseminating false information, and is one of his daughters, the Godfather, Russian President Vladimir Putin. I’m near.

These oligarchs are not unified — Medvedchuk and Ahmetov are affiliated with rival opposition factions, but Poroschenko’s presidency was characterized by a strong opposition to Russia. However, many observers believe that Moscow is trying to take advantage of any opposition to Zelensky.

“There is no open pro-Russian army that can legally take power in elections, which means that Kremlin must seek out hidden allies and negotiate secretly with several Ukrainian players at once.” Said Fesenko. Russia “is trying to find a” flexible “political force by pulling the thread of economy, energy and politics.”

“What does Putin want? His mission is very simple — it’s the destabilization of our nation. Can he do it militarily? No, he can’t. To do this, he needs internal destabilization, “said Oleksiy Danilov, head of the Ukrainian Security Council.

However, Analyst Volodymyr Sidenko of the Rasmkov Center said, “There are no conditions for forming a stable Russian-Ukrainian business chain, so a scenario of collusion between one of the Ukrainian oligarchs and the Kremlin is unlikely. “.

Ukraine’s next parliamentary election will take place in 2023, and all opinion surveys show that the ruling servants of the people may lose control of the parliament. This complicates Zelensky’s ambitions for another term in 2024, and the political situation can change dramatically.

But current tensions may work in his favor in the long run.

Grigory Holonenko, a Kiev programmer, said: “There may be no war, but Zelensky already has military and financial support from the West, which will support morale.”

A British intelligence report claiming that Russia could try to install the politician Yevheniy Murayev because the Ukrainian president did not give a scenario on how the plan would work. Mlaev was once a member of Medvedchuk’s opposition, but he formed by splitting his own party, which has no seats in parliament.

The British report aroused widespread speculation about the possibility of Russia’s malice, but many Ukrainians wiped it out as tremendous.

“I’m skeptical of the British version of Muraev. This may have been deliberately thrown by Russia … the actual player who created the fake smoke screen and the Kremlin is aimed at. To hide, “said Fesenko.

On Friday, the Ukrainian National Security Council imposed five years of sanctions on TV channels owned by Muraev.


Jim Heinz of Moscow contributed to this story.


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