Ukrainian secret agents are terrorizing the Kremlin with deadly explosions and covert poison operations

obtained by Reuters

obtained by Reuters

Ukrainian saboteurs and special forces are said to be causing chaos against Russian targets behind enemy lines. Their grandest operation to date was a resounding success on Tuesday.

after a series Explosion tore apart Russian air base In occupied Crimea, the Russian Defense Ministry said an aerial weapon detonation at the scene was the cause and no one was injured.Kremlin efforts based on video of explosion shared on social media Questions were immediately raised about The Russian story of what happened to the smoldering shipwreck has been curtailed by new revelations.

Ukraine claims responsibility for massive explosion at Russian base in Crimea despite Kremlin story

talk Washington Post On Wednesday, a senior Ukrainian government official who spoke on condition of anonymity said the explosion at the base was actually caused by an operation carried out by Ukrainian special forces. It is not clear how the attack was carried out, but US officials claim no US weapons were used in the attack. The blast was so far from the front lines that Russian authorities presumed the area to be safe, allowing tourists to visit nearby resorts. Social media footage showed people by the beach running to flee as smoke and flames rose from the base.

Russian officials later said one person was killed and 13 injured in the explosion.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky did not directly mention the explosion in Crimea in his nightly address to the nation on Tuesday, but said he wanted to regain control of the region from Moscow, which annexed Crimea in 2014. . “Crimea belongs to Ukraine,” said Zelensky, “and we will never give it up.”

The attack, if confirmed to be a Ukrainian operation, would mean that the range of Kyiv’s ability to fight back against invading forces would be greatly expanded. There is none alleged Ukrainian undercover agent.

The Kremlin-appointed mayor of the occupied city of Kherson fell into a coma after falling ill on August 3 and flew to Russia for treatment. He denied the fact that Reports of the illness differed, with some claiming he had a stroke and others that he contracted the novel coronavirus, according to Russian state media. However, Russian opposition media reported that Sardo was actually poisoned by a chef brought to his home the day before he mysteriously became ill. It is believed to rely on residents of Russian-occupied territories to carry out attacks, including

These covert guerrilla agents, or “partisans,” also believed they were involved in the assassination of another Moscow-installed official within 24 hours of Sardo being taken to Moscow for treatment. had been

Vitaly Gur, who was appointed deputy mayor of the town of Nova Kakhovka near Kherson, was shot Saturday while leaving his apartment. He died while being taken to a Crimean hospital, Russian media reported.

It’s not clear if Ukraine is planning future attacks behind enemy lines, but Kyiv issued a warning to Russian vacationers on Tuesday. The person tweeted: “

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