Ukrainian soldiers revived from rubble after a deadly strike on military barracks

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Iraqi-born entrepreneurs are using businesses to support Ukraine

Story: Iraqi-born American entrepreneur Emmad Barak decides he must act when he sees footage of a war in Ukraine from his office in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq. rice field. -A day trip to Kyiv, which he has called his hometown for over 7 years. “I’ve been in Ukraine for the last 6 or 7 years, working, making friends and having an emotional attachment to this country. Come back and be with my friends and do everything I can. I’m working hard. ” Through his ventures and political and business connections, he mobilizes support for delivering food, basic necessities and clothing to civilians and security forces. After arriving in Kyiv on March 8, entrepreneurs began preparing free meals for security forces and civilians at his restaurant, collecting donations primarily in the United States. .. We are trying to prepare some meals. / He makes cheese pizza for military women who love cheese pizza. Very special for girls. Thanks to Sergei. Transportation of goods to the border between Poland and Ukraine. Local authorities are supporting logistics to provide assistance to people in need. Barrack said he may bring more of his business to Kyiv, Iraq, although he does not know what his future will be.