Ukrainian soldiers used US-supplied Javelin missiles to destroy five Russian tanks in one day, Ukraine says

A composite image shared on February 28, 2023 showing four images of what appears to be a Javelin attack on a Russian tank in Marinka, Donetsk province.

Four missile attacks were shared that allegedly took place in Malinka, Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine, on February 28, 2023.Ministry of Defense of Ukraine/79th Air Assault Brigade/Insider

  • According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, eight Russian armored vehicles are smoldering thanks to one Ukrainian soldier.

  • According to Ukraine, he destroyed 5 tanks and 3 vehicles in one day in Donetsk.

  • A social media post of the apparent feat included praise for the US-supplied Javelin missile used.

A Ukrainian soldier armed with a US-supplied Javelin missile destroyed five Russian tanks in one day, according to Ukrainian officials.

The feat took place during a massive Russian armored attack on the Ukrainian 79th Air Raid Brigade just west of the city of Donetsk, just west of the city of Marinka. Social media posts claimed by the brigade.

During the battle, the paratroopers destroyed five tanks and three infantry fighting vehicles known as BMPs. He did this by constantly switching positions, the post said.

According to the post, four more BMPs were destroyed with artillery support.

A video posted by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense shows a suspected tank attack.

Since Russia launched its invasion in February 2022, US supplied Ukraine with about 8,500 Javelin missiles — A powerful shoulder-mounted portable anti-tank weapon.they have quickly became an important part of Ukraine’s defense.

A Ukrainian Defense Ministry video post was accompanied by the text, “American weapons in Ukrainian hands work wonders.”

Marinka, about 13 miles west of the city of Donetsk, has come under repeated attacks by Russian forces. today it is mostly in ruins.

The Ukrainian post did not specify when the alleged incident occurred, but Reports that Russian forces are about to advance around Marinkaas part of the broader purpose of controlling a region.

Russian news agency Liedovka reported Fighting continued around Marinka as of Monday, claiming Russian forces had penetrated south of the city.

While the insider was unable to independently verify the tank’s claims, an examination of one shot from the Ukrainian MOD footage showed it to be the territories in and around Marinka marked by two distinctive hill formations. A plausible match was obtained.

Video shared by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, which claims to show the attack on Marinka, compared to a corresponding Google Earth view of Marinka showing similar landmarks. Landmarks (two hills and one building) are marked up with red squares.

Comparison between Ukrainian Defense Ministry footage and Marinka’s Google Earth imagery, marked up by an insider.Ministry of Defense of Ukraine/Google Earth/Insider

If confirmed, the strike will put further pressure on Russia’s much-needed tank supply. According to reports.

Open Source Intelligence Platform Oryx Russia estimates that it loses about 150 tanks a month, but the only factory producing them can only produce 20 in that time. As reported by The Economist.

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