Ukrainian troops and volunteers handed Putin one of his “most comprehensive routs” in a small town

Russian troops leave Crimean

Russian troops leave Crimean Stringer / AFP / Getty Images

Russia invades Ukraine Most of it is stuck in every aspect. ” The UK Ministry of Defense said in an assessment of public intelligence activities The beginning of Thursday. “Russian troops have recently made minimal progress on land, sea and air, and they Continue to suffer great losses.. Ukrainian resistance remains solid and well-tuned. Most of Ukraine’s territory, including all major cities, remains in the hands of Ukraine. “

Voznesens’k, a Ukrainian town, is “one of the most comprehensive routs suffered by President Vladimir Putin’s army since ordering the invasion of Ukraine” by Ukrainian soldiers and local volunteers in an attempt to capture Russia. Is still in the hands of Ukraine because it has repelled. The Wall Street Journal report Based on reports on Wednesday in a strategically located 35,000 southern town.

“Judging from the destroyed and abandoned armor, the Ukrainians” eliminated most of the Russian battalion tactics on March 2 and 3 “and killed an estimated 100 Russians, with 43 Russian tanks. Captured or destroyed 30 of the other vehicles. the journal Report.. “Ukrainian defenders’ performance against much more armed enemies in overwhelmingly Russian-speaking areas was successful thanks to widespread support for the Ukrainian cause, which is due to the Russian invasion across the country. This is one of the reasons why we failed to reach our main goal. So far. “

To say the least, more than 7,000 Russian troops have been killed since Putin’s invasion on February 24. “A phenomenal number has accumulated in just three weeks of combat.” New York Times Report.. “Pentagon officials say 10% of casualties, including casualties, will not be able to perform combat-related tasks in one unit,” “Russian casualties are estimated at 14,000 to 21,000 injured.” If you include, it’s close to that level. “”

Read more about Russia’s causality and the meaning of the war New York TimesWhen See how Ukrainians defeated Russian invaders in Voznesens’k The Wall Street Journal..

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