Ukrainian troops destroyed 122 Russian invaders in the south

Olha Hlushchenko-Tuesday, May 3, 2010 01:04

Defenders on the southern border of Ukraine report that 122 invaders have been killed in the last 24 hours, blocking Russian sabotage and attempts by reconnaissance groups to seize Ukrainian surveillance posts.

Source: “Pivden” (South) Task Force, Facebook

Quote: “Enemies strengthened in defensive positions have not taken positive action in the Kherson and Mykolaiv areas for the past 24 hours.”

“But Mykolaiv and its surroundings have been attacked by multiple rocket launchers. The enemy has fired again at the industrial facility. Fortunately, no casualties have been reported.”

“In the Kherson area, enemy sabotage and attempts by reconnaissance groups to occupy the observation post were thwarted and crushed by mortar fire.”

“Instead, our missiles and artillery units carried out more than 100 shooting missions.”

“Therefore, the total loss of enemies over the last 24 hours is 122 lasists.”

detail: The “Pivden” MTF reports that in addition to the two armored assault boats shot down at dawn, military personnel have eliminated several units of armor and car machinery.Forpost“A reconnaissance strike drone trying to enter Odesa from the sea.

“The drone was destroyed by the precise operation of air defense,” the statement said.

After attacking the Odesa region with two missiles today, the invaders continued to destroy the bridge across the mouth of the Donister and attacked with the “Yakon” (P-800 Onyx) cruise missile.

An “Onix” missile launched from the “Bastion” complex on the occupied Crimean Peninsula destroyed Odessa’s residential apartment. 15 year old child killed And another minor was hospitalized due to an injury.

A Navy group of Black Sea Fleet invaders continues to maneuver in the northwestern part of the sea, maintaining a high level of threat of missile attacks.

“The curfew in Odesa continues. Thanks to measures, including effective sabotage, the 8th anniversary of the tragic event of May 2, 2014, without provocation or serious violation of public order and morals. It’s passed, “reports the Pivden Task Force.