Ukrainian troops shoot down Russian Su-25 fighter in Donetsk Oblast


Russian Su-25 (illustration photo)

Russian Su-25 (illustration photo)

Read the message, “We are back in Donetsk again.”

“And again, we are destroying various invading scum. And there are many pests not only on the ground but also in the sky, but one less. The Russian Su-25 appears, I decided to ask, “What happened?” The response was instant, loud and bright. With skilled hands, Igra (MANPADS) is an excellent tool for cleaning all kinds of debris from the sky. And our hands are certainly skillful. “

Ukrainian troops also posted a video to Telegram Messenger saying they were pilots of Russian fighters.

In a comment to the video, the unit said the blindfolded, partially dressed and severely dragged pilot was probably injured after a “soft” landing that jumped out of the plane.

Ukrainian troops said the pilot had received first aid and is now in the “compassionate and responsible hands” of the Ukrainian army.