Ukrainian War “Turning Point of the World”: Boris Johnson

The Russian-Ukrainian War is a “turning point in the world,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Saturday.

At the Conservative Spring Conference in Blackpool, Johnson described the current time when the world chooses between “freedom and oppression” as the “moment of choice.”

Looking back on why Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to invade Ukraine, Johnson said he believed that Ukraine was not about joining NATO or a “semi-mysterious gaff.” [Putin] I wrote about the origins of the Russian people, “but Putin was” feared “in the Ukrainian example of” freedom, democracy and open markets, “and” completely panicked “about the prospects of the Moscow revolution.

“Every year, as Ukraine advances towards freedom, democracy, and open markets, he fears the Ukrainian example and the tacit condemnation of himself,” Johnson said of the Russian leader. Stated.

“In Putin’s Russia, just calling aggression an aggression is imprisoned for 15 years, and opposition to Putin in elections can be poisoned or shot,” he said.

“That’s exactly because Ukraine and Russia were so close in history that he was afraid of the influence of that Ukrainian model on him and Russia.”

Johnson also said the lack of free coverage and meaningful opposition in Russia led Putin on the road to war.

“If he has free, impartial and responsible journalism, say so, and he knows the truth that Ukrainians are a proud country with charismatic leaders. And he would have known that they would fight to protect their hometown before embarking on this tragic and inhumane venture, “Johnson told the conference.

“In real democracy, Putin had to face a” real parliament with a real backbencher “that had to confront the electorate, so Johnson said,” I was trapped in this reverberation room. “It wouldn’t have happened,” he added.

The Prime Minister also described the current war as a “turning point in the world.”

“It’s a moment of choice. It’s a choice between freedom and oppression,” he said.

“I know that even some western governments have some in the world … they say it’s better to build accommodation in tyranny. I’m terribly wrong. And, as we did in 2014, trying to renormalize with Putin after this would make exactly the same mistake. “

Mr Putin said President Putin “wants to weaken the collective will to resist by pushing up living expenses,” but the British government continues “as much as possible” to help people, “strong economy and high salary. Strong economic fundamentals with work. “

He goes on to say that Britain will end Russia’s dependence on energy and “better utilize our own naturally occurring hydrocarbons” after years of short-termism and hand-to-mouth solutions. “I said it was necessary.

But he emphasizes that it will change the government’s agenda to achieve a low-carbon future, and the UK will “make some bets on nuclear power” and invest more in offshore wind and other power sources. I added that.

Johnson said he would like to further increase offshore wind farms and other investments in clean, green electricity.

Epoch Times Photo
Ukrainian soldiers searched for bodies in rubble on March 19, 2022 in Mykolaiv, southern Ukraine, at a military school struck by a Russian rocket the day before. (Bulent Kilic / AFP by Getty Images)

The Kremlin has strengthened its grip on the Russian media, saying the British Ministry of Defense (MoD) has “forced” Russia’s operational approach in Ukraine and “is currently pursuing a friction strategy.” It was issued after saying.

“Indiscriminate use of firepower is likely to increase civilian casualties, destroy Ukraine’s infrastructure and intensify humanitarian crises,” MoD said in a recent update on Saturday morning. Said.

“Putin has strengthened his dominance over the Russian media. Kremlin is trying to control the story, undermine operational problems and mask the number of Russian casualties of the Russian people.”

Free vs awakening

Also at the Tory meeting on Saturday, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Secretary of State Liz Truss said Britain’s efforts to support Ukraine should end “ridiculous” domestic discussions on pronunciation and more. Stated.

“This is important. This is important,” Truss said. “We need to be proud of our country and our long-standing commitment to freedom and democracy.”

“It’s time to end the ridiculous debate about self-suspicion, constant self-questioning, and introspective culture: language, statues, and pronouns,” the Foreign Minister said.

“Our history, warts, and everything makes us today,” she said.

Johnson also added that freedom is the “invincible strength” that makes Britain attractive.

“We generally believe that, within the limits of the law, people should be able to do whatever they want, as long as they don’t harm others,” he said.

“It’s called freedom. And we don’t have to wake up, we just want to be free.

“That’s why talented people are now frankly fleeing Russia. That’s why they’re flocking to Britain.”

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