Ukrainians exhibited tattered Russian loot in Kyiv

Reuters video

Pardon: Evidence Shows Russian War Crimes

Story: Citizens also suffered ill-treatment such as “reckless shooting and torture” by Russian troops when the onslaught on Kyiv failed in the early stages of the Kremlin’s invasion on February 24. The group stated in the report. Evidence collected since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began in late February 2022 is the significance of international law by Russian troops, including out-of-judicial killings, disproportionate and indiscriminate attacks on civilians, including densely populated areas. Indicates that you are involved in a violation. At a press conference in Kieu, Agnes Calamar called the Russian invasion a “special operation”, stated that Ukraine would be disarmed and protected from fascists, denying its military abuse. Kieu and his western supporters state that fascist claims are a false excuse for an unprovoked war of aggression. Amnesty International’s report is the latest documented war crime allegedly committed when Russian troops occupied the northwestern region of Kyiv. Ukrainian officials say more than 400 civilians have been killed. Moscow withdrew its troops in early April. The report concluded that Russian troops committed “apparent war crime hosts” in Bucha, including “many unlawful killings.” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov recorded 22 cases of unlawful killings by Russian troops in and around Bucha. Setup and fake. “

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