Ukrainians protest Kherson occupation and confront Russian soldiers

Protests against Russia’s occupation in the port city of Kherson, Ukraine’s only major city so far seized by invading forces in the war, broke out.

Thousands of people march in Kherson on Saturday, with men and women of all ages waving the Ukrainian flag, singing the national anthem, waving the flag, and “Russians go home,” according to Twitter and media reports. I chanted the slogan of.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba shared a video of the protesters on Twitter, saying their courage in the face of armed Russian invaders inspired other parts of the world.

“Thousands of peaceful Ukrainians are protesting the occupation of Russia in front of armed Russian soldiers. What a spirit. I call on everyone in the world: Ukraine fearless of Hellson Express your support for others! ”He wrote.

With Kherson Share on Twitter A crowd of unarmed demonstrators shouted to Russian soldiers to go home, showing protesters lying on the road blocking the advance of a line of Russian military vehicles.

At some point, a shootout rang as Russian soldiers tried to drive the crowd aside, but brave protesters refused to upset.

Image said to be from Kherson Share on Twitter A young woman dressed in the Ukrainian flag looked into the camera and said, “Don’t be afraid!” And she said, “Kherson is Ukraine!”

The shootings rang repeatedly while she was speaking, but the crowd around her maintained that position.

Another video Is said From Kherson, while the spectators cheered, someone waved the Ukrainian flag on it, showing what appeared to be a Russian tank confiscated by Ukrainians rolling down the streets of the city. ..

Yeben in Kherson Told the BBC Those who appeared on the streets on the tenth day of the invasion showed Ukraine’s independence and stood up for their freedom.

“I hear 6-10 explosions every night. It sounds like a mortar. I don’t know who is bombing who,” he told the outlet.

“We try not to go out because the Russian army is stopping the car and checking what’s inside the car. They are checking the phone and supporting the Ukrainian army. I’m looking for evidence, “he added.

Epoch Times Photo
A military vehicle on the streets of Kherson, Ukraine, March 1, 2022. (Screenshot via Reuters / Epoch Times)

Polish General Waldemar Skrzypczak told Poland Outlet radio WNET In an interview on Saturday, the strength of Kherson’s protests reflects the diminished willingness of Russian soldiers to continue their attacks.

“Russian troops don’t want to fight,” he said. “Russian elite troops will probably continue to fight, they are motivated, but the regular army, its mechanized infantry troops, they don’t want to fight anymore.”

“It’s not even a loss of morale — they just lost the will to fight and kill civilians. They were allowed to shoot civilians, fire at them, plunder stores, and rape them. However, this army simply lost the desire to stay in battle. “

“They don’t see anything,” he continued, suggesting that regular Russian troops see the campaign as “brutal and cruel” and see Ukrainians as they do. did.

Saturday was the 10th day of the invasion, killing more than 10,000 Russian soldiers. according to Ukrainian Defense Council. The Russian side said that 498 of its soldiers were killed.

The attack on Ukraine caused a major humanitarian crisis, with 1.3 million people fleeing hostilities as of March 5. according to United Nations

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