Ukrainians Raise 150 Million Within 2 Days To Buy Shahed Hunters

Katerina TishchenkoSaturday, October 15, 2022 20:38

In less than two days, Ukrainians have raised 150 million UAH for Shahed Hunters.

sauce: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov telegram

Quote: “Monobank, Lachen and UNITED24 have collected 150 million UAH within 2 days for their powerful anti-drone system. Great work guys!

Our goal was to raise 100 million, but thanks to your support, we have doubled our monobank accounts. ”

Background: Defenders Day, the UNITED24 initiative, Monobank and volunteer Ihor Lachenkov launched a joint collection of 100 million UAH for Shahed Hunters. This is an anti-drone system that helps destroy Russian drones.

As monobank co-founder Oleh Horohovskyi explained, such a system would “blind” Russian drones so that they would attempt to climb to a safe height after being shot down by Ukrainian air defense systems. increase.

The collection was opened with the aim of purchasing at least two systems, since one hunter costs about 50 million UAH.

100 million UAH was collected in the first 8 hours.

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