UN chief warns of food shortage “catastrophe”


Berlin — UN General Assembly President warned on Friday that the world is facing a “catastrophe” due to growing food shortages around the world.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in a video message to dozens of rich developing country officials in Berlin that “there is a real risk of multiple famines being declared in 2022.” .. “And 2023 could be even worse.”

Guterres said farmers around the world are struggling to cope with rising fertilizer and energy prices, which will hurt harvests in Asia, Africa and the Americas.

“This year’s food access problem could lead to a global food shortage next year,” he said. “No country is immune to the social and economic consequences of such a catastrophe.”

Guterres said UN negotiators are working on an agreement that will allow Ukraine to export food, including via the Black Sea, and Russia to bring food and fertilizer to the global market without restrictions.

He also sought debt relief to help poor countries maintain their economies and help the private sector stabilize the world’s food markets.

Associated Press