UN General Assembly meets in Ukraine hours after Russian strike


UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The United Nations General Assembly was due to open a debate Monday on whether to call on Russia to change its policy of annexing four territories of Ukraine. Massive missile attack in months on Moscow It has alarmed much of the international community.

A parliamentary meeting scheduled before Monday’s barrage is scheduled for Russia’s assumed to be absorbed last month Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia regions of Ukraine. The move followed a Kremlin-orchestrated “referendum” that the Ukrainian government and Western countries dismissed as illegal.

But the country may get a chance to speak out about Monday morning rush hour attacks that hit at least 14 Ukrainian regions, including the capital of Kyiv, and killed at least 11 people. He said he was targeting the facility. However, some missiles hit civilian areas.

Russia says it is retaliating against so-called Ukrainian ‘terrorists’ Attack important bridges on SaturdayUkrainian presidential adviser Mikhail Podlyak called the bridge accusations “too cynical, even for Russia.”

The UN General Assembly was due to meet in the afternoon to consider a draft resolution condemning the “referendum” and calling the annexation illegal.

The European Union-led measures also call on Moscow to “immediately and unconditionally” annex the annexation, call on all countries not to recognize the annexation, and the immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from all internationally recognized territories of Ukraine. , demand that you insist on full and unconditional withdrawal.

Voting is scheduled for later in the week.Russia request a secret ballot, It’s an unusual move that in itself needs to win a procedural vote.

Russia recently exercised its veto A similar but legally binding UN Security Council resolution would have condemned the supposed annexation.under Decisions made earlier this yearthe veto power of the Security Council must be explained at the General Assembly.

Congress does not allow vetoes, and its resolutions are not legally binding. During the war, Congress called for Russia’s withdrawal, blamed Moscow for the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, and voted to suspend Russia’s participation in the UN Human Rights Council.

Meanwhile, the Security Council is stuck in a stalemate due to Russia’s veto.