UN official accuses Taliban of retaliatory killings


UN human rights officials said her office received a credible allegation of retaliatory killings against former Afghan security forces, and a case in which former government officials and some of their relatives were arbitrarily detained and later died. Stated.

Michelle Bachelet spoke to the Human Rights Council on Monday, warning that it was a “new and dangerous stage” for Afghanistan when it accused the Taliban leaders of the disruption of Afghanistan’s words and actions.

She quoted “multiple” claims from Taliban terrorists and “people who cooperated with US security forces and businesses” searching from house to house in search of specific officials from the previous administration.

She said such searches, conducted in at least half a dozen cities, also affected UN officials who also reported increased attacks and threats without providing details.

“My office received credible allegations of retaliation and killing of many former ANSF (Afghan National Security Forces) personnel and reports of arbitrary detention of employees and their families working in the previous administration.” She said. “In some cases officials were released and in other cases they were found dead.”

Bashlet also emphasized “very nasty information” about the Taliban’s assault on the offices of several advocacy groups.

“Importantly, and contrary to the guarantee that the Taliban uphold women’s rights, women have been gradually removed from the public sphere instead over the past three weeks,” she said in the fall of a committee of 47 people. Said when he opened his session.

She said girls over the age of 12 were banned from attending school in several places and the “Women’s Issues” department was sometimes dismantled.

Associated Press