UNC-Chapel Hill Police Chief resigns without explanation. What’s next?

UNC-Chapel Hill Police Chief David Perry resigns in less than two years.

The university released news on Tuesday afternoon, but did not provide details on why Perry submitted his resignation on June 30.

“We thank him for his service to the university,” George Battle, Vice President of Organizational Integrity and Risk Management, said in a statement about Perry. “We will conduct the next national survey of UNC police chiefs. Details will be announced at a later date.”

According to Battle, UNC Police Station Assistant Chief and Captain Rahsheem Holland have been acting police chiefs since mid-May and will continue to do so.

Perry joined UNC-CH in September 2019 as Assistant Vice President. He replaced Jeff McCracken, who retired 30 years later.

Perry played that role when the UNC police faced a scrutiny of how the protests surrounding the Silent Sam Confederate Monument on campus were handled before the protesters destroyed it. Perry was ready to focus on improving community police activity and building trust, UNC officials said at the time.

Over the past two years, Perry has UNC police enforced the COVID-19 protocol, handled Black Lives Matter and other campus protests, dealt with campus vandalism, and subsequently changed campus criminal policies and practices. Oversaw the method. Violation of federal CLERY law for years. He also made efforts to make UNC police more prominent on campus beyond conflict.

Perry welcomed students to the dormitory on the day they moved in, riding a Segway or golf cart on campus, but students don’t always support their growing presence.

As police chief, Perry has worked closely with the Campus Safety Commission, which consists of UNC faculty, student groups, and 20 members of the community. The group was created in part to consider police station concerns and make recommendations for improving the campus climate, especially for colored students.

Prior to joining UNC-CH, Perry was a police chief at Florida State University for 14 years. At FSU, Perry has three hurricanes, an active archer situation, a student death at a fraternity party, and Suspicion of rape against Jameis Winston in quarterback at the time..

TheĀ· The New York Times reported In the Winston case, “the police and the university had virtually no investigation,” he said.

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