Uncertainty surrounding the Commission’s investigation into Vance’s claim as a watch tick to the summer

Brigadier General Jennie Carignan of the Canadian Armed Forces joins the soldiers at a Canadian military base in Petawawa, Ontario, at lunchtime with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and NATO General Secretary Jens Stortenberg. On July 15, 2019, Parliamentary Commission will hear from the recently tapped Culligan to lead the military’s efforts to change its culture this morning. (Sean Kilpatrick / Canadian Press)

Ottawa — Parliamentary Commission will hear from a recently tapped senior officer this morning to lead the military’s efforts to change its culture.

Lieutenant General Jennie Carignan’s appearance in front of the Commons Commission on Women’s Status, considering the broader issue of sexual misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Her testimony comes amid uncertainty about another investigation by the Commons Defense Commission on how the liberal government handled allegations involving former Secretary of Defense Jonathan Vance.

Opposition members say there are still many unanswered questions on this issue, including why no one told Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about the allegations in March 2018, as Trudeau argues. ..

Still, the clock is rapidly ticking towards the summer, with members trying to dig deeper and having enough time to write a report containing the Commission’s findings and recommendations. It is said to be torn between.

It wasn’t just the members of the Defense Commission that were torn, but experts questioned whether the Defense Commission’s investigation shed light on or distracted the issue of military sexual misconduct. There is.