Under investigation may be locked out of parliament after parliamentarians are accused of rape

Sir Lindsay Hoyle, chairman of the House of Commons, said Thursday that “discussion is underway” on whether Congress will create an authority to ban lawmakers under investigation.

It happens after the Conservative MPs have been rescued after being arrested on suspicion, including rape.

In January 2020, the Metropolitan Police Department said, “We received reports of alleged sexual crimes committed between 2002 and 2009.”

Parliamentarians in their 50s were confirmed to remain in custody on Tuesday after being arrested on charges of “vulgar assault, sexual assault, rape, abuse of trust status, and illegal activity in public office.” .. The military said on Wednesday that parliamentarians were rescued awaiting further inquiries until mid-June.

Met did not identify members of parliament, in line with police academy guidance stating that the suspect’s identity should not normally be disclosed before being prosecuted.

Hoyle also discouraged MP from trying to name Tory MP, which is at the heart of the claim, while the investigation was in progress.

Parliamentarians agreed to leave parliament during the investigation at the request of Conservative Prime Minister Chris Heaton-Harris, but Labor Party shadow interior minister Jess Phillips said Wednesday. I rely on goodness. “

When asked if MPs should leave Congress, a speaker told Times Radio Thursday that “members have the right to enter unless the rules change in the House of Representatives.” That’s what we believe. ” Keep both members and staff away during a police investigation. “

Asked if the speaker conference was noteworthy to empower him or parliamentary authorities outside the party’s internal affairs or the party’s own traditional disciplinary route, Foil said, “What I say is now. It’s a conversation going on. “

Talking to the same outlet, crime and police minister Kit Malthaus warned against banning representatives elected by Congress before they were convicted.

“I’m far from giving advice to speakers, but I have to be careful when overriding the democratic decisions of the British people,” he said.

“If someone is accused of a crime, they are not guilty until they are found guilty, so we need to be a little sensitive about it, but we want to see what the speaker concludes. increase.”

A spokesman for Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the MP would lose his whip if he was charged with a crime, but the Conservative Whip office has so far resisted pressure to stop the MP immediately. And it will identify him.

Commenting on the name of the individual, the malt house “must be done proportionally and wisely,” he said. “In the past, there were MPs accused of dissimilar crimes that turned out to be innocent, and more. Quoting the precedent that there is no behavior, it not only puts a heavy burden on the individual, but also the victim who is accusing in such a situation. . “

The recent arrest follows a conservative MP arrested in 2020 on suspicion of rape. He was not identified and police took no further action after the investigation.

Lily Chow


Lily Zhou is a freelance writer who mainly covers the British news of The Epoch Times.