understood. You won’t like the way you look at the zoom. Here are some professional tips from dermatologists.

Whether you’re using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or FaceTime, everyone knows how stressful it can be to see yourself in the camera. Here are some of my favorite tips to help you look the best and avoid the dreaded double chin.

Place the camera above eye level

If the camera is above eye level, you will be forced to look up instead of looking down. This arrangement helps eliminate the appearance of double chin.

If possible, avoid using your laptop on your lap during a zoom meeting. This angle is not flattering for most people.

Use color correction makeup

Are there any bright red acne that appeared on the morning of the important Zoom Call? Use complementary color-correcting makeup to hide defects such as acne and purple dark circles under the eyes.

On the color wheel, the complementary colors are opposite to each other. For example, red is on the other side of green, so the hue of green acts to counteract red acne. Yellow counteracts the purplish bear. After applying the appropriate color correction makeup, apply a regular foundation on top to create a uniform complexion.

Consider Ultherapy for skin tightening

Ultherapy is a non-surgical skin tightening treatment that uses heat to tighten collagen and reduce the appearance of wrinkled, wrinkled, and sagging skin. You will look good shortly after your appointment, and those results will continue to improve over the next three months.

There is no downtime after receiving urtherapy and there are no obvious signs of treatment.

Consider Kybella for double chin treatment

Kibera is an injectable double chin treatment that works by dissolving the lipid membrane that surrounds the fat cells in the submental (double chin) area. This process eliminates unwanted fat cells that cause double chin.

For best results, 2 to 6 Kibera treatments are required. There is no downtime and the results are long lasting.


Whether you need a quick fix, such as repositioning your laptop, or a more dramatic, long-term solution like the non-surgical Kybella, use your camera when you’re working from home. There are many options that can help you build confidence when using it.

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