Unfair in shoulder struggle with trans-athlete women: Australian Christian activists

Australian Christian activists argue that it is unfair for biological women with sports ambitions to be forced into the gender struggle of transgender athletes.

Martin Illes, managing director of Christian Lobby in Australia, said that men who “use women to injustice” regardless of “whether they are suffering from themselves or have a complex history” He said he should be held accountable.

“People who are” struggling on their own “like transgender people need” sympathy, “Ills said, but” when a person begins to act in a way that cheats others, it’s different. It will be. “

“It requires blame,” he said. Written on Facebook March 20th.

Iles described the recent victory of US transgender athletes in the women’s 500-meter category at the NCAA Swimming Championships as “gloomy and shameful.” He advocated the idea that “no matter how intense the culture resists it,” it should be blamed.

Transgender athlete Lia Thomas was ranked 462th in men’s swimming before transitioning to women in 2019, and has since set multiple records in women’s competitions.

Thomas’s victory over the biological woman Emma Wyant, the silver medalist at the NCAA on March 17, spotlights the debate surrounding transsportsmen competing at women’s events and makes them Christian activists. I urged you to speak.

“God wrote the truth about biology and sex and showed us how to respect it,” Ils said. “And the man who exceeds this limit is making a serious mistake, and he needs to evoke it.”

World Athletics President Sebastian Coe imposes restrictions on trans-athletes in all sports to the International Olympic Committee amid growing concerns that biological male athletes will enjoy unfair benefits if they participate in women’s sports. I requested.

“I have no doubt that testosterone is an important determinant of performance,” he says. Told the Daily Telegraph“Of course, we can’t forget the feelings of the world, but science is important.”

“Gender is second to none,” he said.

March 21, Virginia Tech swimmer Reka Gyorgy Issue a statement He accused Thomas of taking his place and claimed in “all events attended by transgender athletes” that “a biological woman was robbed of one place during the competition.”

In Australia, the majority of large sports organizations allow transgender female athletes to compete in the women’s category.

On February 10, Tasmania’s Liberal Senator Claire Chandler submitted a bill to the Senate that would legally require male athletes not to play in the women’s category. The bill was endorsed by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who described it as a “great bill.”

Nina Nguyen


Nina Nguyen is a Sydney-based reporter. She covers Australian news with a focus on social, cultural and identity issues. She is fluent in Vietnamese. Contact her at [email protected]