Unfounded evictions prohibited in NSW

A big win for struggling tenants in New South Wales (NSW), it will soon be illegal for landlords to evict tenants from their homes at the end of their leases without cause.

The shift to a “reasonable cause” model for evictions comes as the Perrottet government agrees with many workers’ rent promises and ensures change as the March 25 state elections approach.

The Greens of New South Wales put forward a motion during the late opening of parliament last year to ban groundless evictions, but it was not supported by either major party.

Asked what had changed since then, Prime Minister Dominique Perrotet said it was important not to rush into the new measures on Friday.

“Those changes have happened in other states recently, but across the state, we’re seeing landlords moving from long-term rentals to short-term rentals like Airbnb,” he told reporters. Told.

“It puts a lot of pressure on the rental market. What we want to do is give landlords the confidence to stay in the long-term rental market as well.”

A rush for change would move landlords to short-term rentals and dry up the property market, as happened in rural NSW, Mr Perrottet added.

Jenny Leung, spokeswoman for Greens Housing in New South Wales, said ending evictions without cause would be of great help to struggling tenants.

“This is a long awaited reform and I am happy that the two major parties have finally joined the talks,” she said.

“But let’s be clear that they were dragged here by tenant advocates, street activists, renters struggling with out-of-control rents and unjust evictions.”

The Free Nationals also introduced a transferable bond scheme and committed to introducing 3- and 5-year standard leases.

NSW Fair Trading is also tasked with secretly attending rental inspections to find risky realtors violating the newly imposed ban on rental bids.

A solicited rental bid, or rental auction, occurs when a real estate agent invites prospective tenants to offer a rent increase to secure a property.

Violating agents can be fined $5,500 (US$3,706) for individuals and $11,000 for corporations.

NSW union rental policies include prohibiting evictions without grounds, outlawing secret rental tenders, introducing portable bond schemes and establishing an independent rental commissioner to advocate for tenants.

Party also makes it easier for renters to ask for pets in their homes.

The move comes as rental prices in the capital rose 14.6% over the past year, and 11.6% in the region, according to The Domain’s report. He has less than 1 out of 100 properties that have been on the market for more than 3 weeks.