Union workers in the farm and entertainment industry on strike


Exxon says union removal vote to move forward at a lockout-stricken Texas refinery

Exxon Mobile Corporation will move forward on Tuesday regardless of the outcome of next week’s contract ratification vote by the same workers to remove the United Steelworkers (USW) from representing locked-out workers in Beaumont, Texas. Stated. USW Local 13-243 offers an Exxon contract on Monday night, October 19, six months after workers at the Beaumont refinery and lubrication plant were locked out of work, and ten months after the start of negotiations. Announced that it will hold its first vote. Since the lockout, Exxon has continued to operate 369,024 barrels of refinery per day producing mobile 1 motor oil at lower production levels, with managers and supervisors backed by temporary replacements. ..