United Arab Emirates Stops Houthi Missile Attack During Israeli President’s Visit

Dubai — United Arab Emirates said Monday that Yemeni rebel fighters intercepted ballistic missiles launched from the Houthi movement in line with Iran when Israeli President Isaac Herzog was greeted on his first visit. ..

Washington has accused the attack on the US alliance UAE within the last two weeks, including a deadly strike on the capital Abu Dhabi on January 17. , And a Saudi-led coalition.

The Ministry of Defense Emirati said the latest missile attack was intercepted after 20 minutes at midnight and its debris fell into the no-man’s land. It is not clear whether it was targeted at Abu Dhabi or Dubai, the center of business and tourism in the region.

I visited Abu Dhabi when the President of Israel visited Abu Dhabi to discuss security and bilateral relations with Abu Dhabi’s de facto ruler, Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayid al-Nahyan.

Israeli officials told Reuters that Herzog spent the night in Abu Dhabi. His office said he would continue his UAE visit despite the Houthi attack.

He will visit the Expo 2020 Dubai World’s Fair on Monday.

“While the Israeli president visits the United Arab Emirates to build a bridge and promote stability throughout the region, Fushi continues to launch attacks that threaten civilians,” a U.S. Department of State spokesman said. Ned Price said in a tweet.

The United Arab Emirates, along with Bahrain, signed a US-mediated normalization agreement with Israel in 2020 called the “Abraham Agreement.”

Civil aviation authorities in the United Arab Emirates have stated that air traffic in the Gulf countries, a major international travel hub, is normal and that all flights operate normally.

The United Arab Emirates Defense Department said coalition fighters destroyed a missile launcher in Yemen.

A Yemeni Houthi military spokesman threatened that the group would provide details of a new military operation “deep” in the UAE within hours.

The United Arab Emirates is part of a Saudi-led coalition that has fought the Houthi for almost seven years in a conflict primarily seen as a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

The Houthi, which has repeatedly launched missile and drone attacks on Saudi Arabia, warned that it would continue to target the UAE unless “interference” in Yemen stopped.

The United Arab Emirates has almost finished its military presence on the ground in 2019, but continues to be shaken by Yemeni troops armed and trained and recently joined the fight against the Houthi in major energy-producing areas. ..

There were no social media posts regarding Monday’s interception in the United Arab Emirates. Prosecutors said they had summoned several people to share a video showing a defense system that intercepted a previous Houthi missile attack.

The coalition also launched deadly airstrikes targeting Sana’a’s Houthi fortress and camp, including the homes of former military personnel, in response to deadly drone and missile attacks on the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. did.

The Epoch Times contributed to this report.