United Arab Emirates Temporarily Hosts 5,000 Afghans at US Request

Dubai-United Arab Emirates has agreed to evacuate 5,000 Afghan citizens from their country for 10 days on their way to a third country at the request of the United States, the Gulf Arab Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Friday. ..

“Evacuees will travel to the UAE by US aircraft within a few days from Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan,” the ministry said in a statement released by state news agency WAM.

The Foreign Ministry told Reuters that they would be hosted for 10 days.

The United Arab Emirates has said it has facilitated the evacuation of 8,500 people from Afghanistan via aircraft and airports.

The announcement tells Reuters that the European and Middle Eastern countries have agreed to temporarily evacuate those evacuated from Kabul as the Qatar base has reached capacity. It was done afterwards.

Qatar officials told Reuters that the Gulf Arab countries “are continuing their efforts to evacuate people from Afghanistan.” Additional flights are planned for the next few days. “

Bahrain’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement Friday that Bahrain would allow planes carrying evacuees to stop in the kingdom as part of efforts to support relief efforts in Afghanistan.

Maher Chmaytelli & Alexander Cornwell