United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan Extended, Requesting Afghanistan Special Envoy to Retain Seats


UN — The UN Security Council extends the UN political mission of the former Afghanistan administration for six months on Friday, and Secretary-General Antonio Guterres considers possible changes after the Taliban takes control of the country. I made it possible.

The annual mission of the mission, known as UNAMA, was scheduled to expire on Friday. A month ago, the Taliban returned to power. Twenty years after being banished by a US-led campaign following the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States by al-Qaeda.

Taliban officials say they are not going to repeat the strict fundamentalist rule from 1996 to 2001, but are struggling to convince the outside world that they have really changed. They formed a male government of Taliban veterans and UN-approved terrorists, and reports of human rights abuses are widespread.

In a unanimously adopted resolution, the 15-member Security Council emphasized the need for a comprehensive and representative government. He also promoted “the importance of women’s full, equal and meaningful participation and the protection of human rights, including women, children and minorities.”

Under former Taliban control, women were unable to work, girls were banned from school, and women had to cover their faces and accompany male relatives when leaving the house.

The Security Council urged Guterres to report “strategic and operational recommendations on UNAMA’s mission in the light of recent political, security and social development” by 31 January 2022. ..

UN seats in Afghanistan

Guterres said last month that the Taliban’s desire for international recognition is the only way other countries must seek inclusive governments and, in particular, respect for women’s rights.

A UN spokesperson said Friday that the UN ambassador on behalf of the exiled government in Afghanistan called for him to stay in the UN seat in New York and set up a confrontation when the Taliban tried to appoint their envoy.

Ambassador Gram Isakuzai sent the name of the Afghan delegation to Guterres for a new General Assembly session, said Guterres spokesman Farhan Haku. It was not immediately clear whether the Taliban would advocate their own UN envoy.

Mr. Isakuzai sent a request for certification on Wednesday, the day after the new General Assembly session began, Mr. Haku said. Next week, dozens of world leaders will meet in New York for the annual UN rally, and Isaczai will address the final day of the meeting on September 27.

UN qualifications are handled by a committee of nine members appointed each year. The committee nominated on Tuesday consists of the Bahamas, Bhutan, Chile, China, Namibia, Russia, Sierra Leone, Sweden, and the United States.

The Commission traditionally meets in October or November to evaluate the credentials of all UN member states before submitting a report for approval of the General Assembly by the end of the year. According to diplomats, committees and general meetings are usually run by the Commission’s consensus on credentials.

According to the rules of the General Assembly, Isaczai will remain in the seat until a decision is made. When the Taliban last reigned, the Afghan government ambassadors they defeated remained UN envoys after the Confidence Commission postponed the decision on rival claims to the seats.

Michelle Nichols