United Nations Counterterrorism Technology Group Adds Taliban to Watchlist


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The United Nations Counterterrorism Group will begin adding Taliban content to the databases used by tech companies to moderate their platforms.

Tech Against Terrorism, a group launched by the United Nations Counterterrorism Enforcement Agency (UN CTED) and working with the technology industry to combat the threat of terrorism, will include official Taliban content on the Terrorist Content Analysis Platform (TCAP) on Monday. Was announced. A database of terrorist images, videos and manifests. This database is used to assist in content moderation on technology platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

“The Taliban was one of the groups we had long considered adding to TCAP, but in the light of recent events in Afghanistan, on this (obviously challenging) content moderation issue. We have decided to accelerate the posting of official Taliban content to provide clarity to our collaborating technology companies. “

Initially focused on Islamic State and al-Qaeda content, TCAP added material from far-right groups such as Proud Boys and Sleeper Center in July. Tech Against Terrorism said it will continue to add groups to the database as it improves the methodology for identifying terrorist content.

“Initially, TCAP has focused on a small group of designated violent Muslims and far-right terrorists,” the group said. “For us, this approach was correct because it ensures that we, as non-governmental actors, do not contribute to excessive normative setting and prevent’content cartels’ in the technology company’s support mechanism. is. “

Links flagged by TCAP are added to a shared database maintained by the Counterterrorism Global Internet Forum (GIFCT), an organization founded by big tech companies to combat online terrorism. Member companies such as Facebook, YouTube, Microsoft, and Twitter use databases to remove terrorist content from their platforms.

So far, GIFCT members have implemented a mixed moderation policy for Taliban material.

Twitter said the Taliban spokesman would not be kicked out of the platform as long as they adhered to the rules, but Facebook and YouTube have banned material from the group. Twitter did not respond when asked to comment.

Tech Against Terrorism recommends that tech companies remove Taliban content.

“The platform provides groups, actors, and the content they create, based on TCAP alerts and a designated list of democracies, as well as their own rules regarding terrorism, violent extremism, incitement and / or beautification. It needs to be evaluated, “the group said.

Tech Against Terrorism did not respond to requests for additional comments from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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