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The 10th anniversary of Prince William and Kate Middleton is the tranquility before the storm

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Photo via Getty It’s been 10 years at Buckingham Palace since Prince William stepped into Westminster Abbey, leaned against his father-in-law, Michael Middleton, and joked. As the bride went down the aisle, her brother, Prince Harry, whispered to him. “Wait until you see the dress,” and on their way home, Kate told William, according to the lip leader. The bride and groom later emerged from the palace gate with a dark blue Aston Martin DB6 Mark 2 with the license plate “JU5TWED”. It was a perfect common touch to end a very spectacular day. I love The Daily Beast’s Royal Coverage. Then enjoy The Royal List, a members-only series from Beast Inside. There have been many changes since the fun afternoon ten years ago, but despite the sea of ​​trouble and rumors of an unfounded incident, the couple still have a happy marriage. Indeed, take a look at the photos celebrating their anniversary, released late yesterday via William and Kate’s social media: Outdoors, Rookie, Hugging, Laughing, Laughing, Grumpy Play, Not Black and White. , Some discreet knitwear, and (of course!) Excellent hair and dentistry. Harry and Megan, William and Kate are fighting to do good. It may benefit us all. 10 years 👰‍♀️🤵‍♂️📸 Chris Floyd pic.twitter.com/fPunbUz3VL— Duchess of Cambridge (@KensingtonRoyal) April 28, 2021 told The Daily Beast. “Kate is great, really nice and very diplomatic. Everyone loves her and it’s all basically” no drama “. Their lives are surprisingly dull in most cases, friends say. Occasionally glamorous foreign holidays are a distant memory of the pre-COVID era. This week was filmed before the 10th anniversary of the Duchess’ marriage 📸 Chris Floyd pic.twitter.com/aEgEiKRIdT— Duchess of Kensington (@KensingtonRoyal) April 28, 2021 School runs daily from Kensington Palace to Battery I am. (Prince George and Princess Charlotte both go to Battersea in Thomas, South London, and Louis will be attending either this year or next year.) From credible sources, Kate always has a full-time housekeeper. I was told that I was refusing. George, Charlotte, and Louis firmly insist that William needs to understand that he loads the dishwasher and makes his own toast (hot buttered toast is William’s weakness, but Catherine is always her. Engagement that smiles as if they were having the best day of their lives without complaining is mostly daunting. is. On Tuesday, they spent a day on the farm. William drove a tractor and compared the GPS of a rescue helicopter that was flying for the Royal Air Force. Two reasons were often given by a couple of friends because of the obvious ease with which they dealt with the hardships of royal life.They knew each other for years before they got married, and when William got a job in the British Air Force’s flight search and rescue mission, their decision to make the first few years of the marriage as unobtrusive as possible. Catherine and Flight Lieutenant in Wales From 2011 to 2013, Wales lived far away from the crowded crowds of remote farm cottages in Bodogan Estate, a secluded area off the north coast of Scotland’s largest Wales. Marriage began on Wales, a peninsula, in an isolated location where William’s security details were unknown. O To find Paparazzi a mile away and marry them. Gave an extraordinary foundation of the foundation. They fulfilled few royal obligations in the first few years. They were attacked by the media for being lazy, but ordered by an angry picture desk. The graphic denied what they assumed to be the daily feeding frenzy of Kate’s picture. A few years of royal grid with Megan, as she and Prince Philip did early in their marriage in Malta. There are many BP insiders who think at least part of why the story of Harry’s royal family ended in such a spectacular disaster Prince William was judged to be a soldier like any other soldier, and the old-fashioned Harry Wales His ability to be treated equally and by the RAF, similar to Prince Harry of the army who got the kick from being. It cannot be pulled out based on their genetic title. After Anglesea, the couple moved completely to Ammerhall in Sandlingham for several years. Estate and William got a job in the East Anglia Air Ambulance. He A few years after leaving the service, William talked with him as part of Kate’s mental health campaign, quite touchingly about how traumatic a job could be. Very depressed about a particular family. “I am,” he said at the conference. After having his own child, he thought that the relationship between work and personal life had really exceeded his limits and began to feel something he had never felt before. It was really important, but it wasn’t enough for me in one particular case. ” One particular trigger for Iliam and Kate’s fairly isolated life was featured in the French magazine Closer, in the photo closer Kate’s topless sunbathing. When photography began to spread around the world in southern France in September 2012, the couple took a royal tour of the South Pacific, and William responded violently to comparing his wife’s invasion of privacy with the harassment his mother endured. I put it out quickly. He filed a strong proceeding under French privacy law and filed a proceeding. Five years later, in 2017, a French court declared that the photographs were illegal and required considerable damages, but the experience hurt the couple, and since then they have remained out of court. Instead, I adopted the Queen’s worn-out mantra. When it comes to greedy tabloids, it’s useless to complain or explain. The couple had been waiting for a few years before becoming pregnant, partly because they insisted that the sexism built into the law of inheritance should be removed. With the full support of her husband, Kate simply did not accept that the son would be a monarch if the first child was a daughter and the second child was a son. Waiting for the law to change, it was probably an inevitable expression of Sod’s law that the first child was the boy George. When George was born, Britain’s patriotic madness was fully revealed in 2014, and a crowd of thousands appeared and camped. Outside the London hospital, Kate was due to give birth a few weeks before the event. However, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis continued in 2015 and 2018, but William and Kate experienced a disastrous collapse of their relationship with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry so far in their royal life. The biggest failure of. (Harry and Megan’s spokesperson told The Daily Beast that Harry and Megan “personally congratulated” William and Kate’s anniversary.) Harry and Megan met in 2016, after a whirlwind in 2017. The engagement was announced on November 27th. According to Finding Freedom, a sympathetic biography of Harry and Megan, things started to get sour long before that. Harry is said to have responded negatively to William’s allegations that he advised “take time as long as you need to know this girl.” The book states in a statement that Harry speculated on Snob on William’s side. We had a happy Christmas together in 2017, but by 2018 cracks began to appear. By the time of Harry and Megan’s wedding, on May 19, 2018, Megan and Kate had already had a major confrontation, and one made the other cry (details are disputed). This culminated in January 2020 when Harry and Megan decided to leave the British royal family. The hostility between the two parties only deepened when the couple interviewed Oprah Winfrey. Asked about the child’s skin color, Harry specifically accused his brother of being “trapped” in the royal family. The Megan and Harry drama forced the royal family, and William, Charles, and the Queen had some or at least proportional fallout from escape to California due to the coronavirus pandemic. Both William and Kate make video calls at home, sharing the joy and misery of homeschooling with millions of other parents and deepening relationships with the general public. That common touch is again. Prince William and his father, Prince Charles, were infected with the coronavirus. It focuses on the reality that Prince Phillip’s death, as well as the Queen herself, could die within the next few years. Charles is increasingly running a monarchy in everything but his name. As a result, Charles has set William as an effective caretaker of the vast land of the Duchy of Cornwall. This is all behind the scenes, and the death of the Queen and the rise of the curtain are strange moments in the spirit of the British people. A newly renamed cast. William automatically becomes Prince of Wales when his father takes the throne, and Kate inherits the new title. In other words, for the first time after Diana’s death, she will be the Princess of Wales again. How will they be? One thing we can say for sure is that Charles and Camilla are very very different in every way. For Charles, and the people who work with him, he talks warmly about him, but in the way William actively strives not to do so, he is a proud and proud man. William and Kate, for example, are, to my knowledge, the only royal family to instruct all staff, senior or not, to call by their first name. In the case of Kate, it’s Catherine. The William and Kate couple have sailed gently in the rough seas for the past decade. The next decade is likely to be one of the changes in the earthquake. The challenge of Kate and William’s smile is to make the inevitable hurricane just a storm in a bowl. Find out more at The Daily Beast. .. Sign up now! DailyBeast Membership: Beast Inside digs deeper into the stories that matter to you. learn more.

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