Universal Control allows you to control multiple Macs and iPads at the same time in one place

Apple Universal Control


In addition to individual iOS, macOS, and iPadOS updates, Apple has also made a new function “Universal Control” that connects different systems. On WWDC21, Apple showed that users will be able to move the cursor directly to the iPad next to and control it on a single MacBook, and at the same time can drag the pictures to the iMac on the other side, very amazing .

It’s a pity that Apple didn’t disclose much about this Universal Control. It only knows that it can connect to two other devices. The cursor and keyboard can be used. However, the connection technology and media transmission limitations involved are still unclear. . But what is certain is that the M1 processor Macs and iPads used in the on-stage demonstrations, it seems that the strategy of using their own design chips, indeed allows Apple to achieve more novel cross-platform functions.

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