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French stunt women are “better” than men

From helicopters to jumps, to hoodies and fists, the world of male-dominated stunts attracts more and more women in special schools in France. Take it from 29-year-old student Valerian Michelini: (SOUNDBITE) (French) 29-1 year old CUC student Valerian Michelini said: “I’m a dancer and show performer, so I’m used to thriving in an elegant and feminine world, and now I’m exactly the opposite. It’s pretty masculine and quarreling.” Campus University Cascade is in northern France. A school for stunt doubles and performers, it claims to be the largest in the world on 12 acres. Currently, nearly one-third of a student’s body is made up of women. CUC Director Lucas Dollfus: (SOUNDBITE) (French) CUC Director, LUCAS DOLLFUS, said: “About 30% of all students are women during each training period. For example, this training has 80 students, 24 of whom are women. We accept 14 new students during each training period, about 7 each time. There are people (women). S Almost every time, and more, the spirit of diversity. It’s good for the campus spirit, for diversity, for the employment market, and it adds a touch of girly tenderness. But women love brawling and it’s terrible anyway. ”Professional training at school takes two years. Acrobat, Parkour, Combat, Drop, Stunt Wire. MarineDolle, 24, once worked as a make-up artist in filmmaking, but said she always wanted to dig deeper into the stunt’s athletic side. (SOUNDBITE) (French) 24-year-old CUC STUDENT, MARINE DOLLE, SAYING: “Stunts are taken from many other areas-combat sports, drops, we have to be multivalued, and that’s it. There’s also an artistic and athletic side. It’s choreographed, calculated, and technical, so there’s a lot to remember, but it’s really great. ”Alumni are superheroes, action movies, and live shows. , Will work in the amusement park. There is a real need for a growing desire for female superheroes in the industry and a more diverse story across streaming platforms. CUC Coach Malik Diouf: (Client Version) (SOUNDBITE) (French) CUC PARKOUR AND FREE-RUNNING COACH, MALIK DIOUF, SAYING: “Women who graduated from this school are so expensive that they are hired by the film. So I can’t even finish the training here. There was a female student who went to Marvel after two training sessions. After two sessions, I did a movie with (French coach Luc) Diouf. Another schoolgirl who left to make. Stuntwomen have very small options, and as soon as they acquire a few skills, they go to work directly in Americans, English, or in other countries, not just in France. Go out. It’s a bonus, which shows that women can do it as well as or better than men. “