Unvaccinated Australian parents are allowed to visit their children in a Western Australian hospital

The Western Australian (WA) government has announced that it will allow unvaccinated parents to visit sick children in hospitals when the state’s thorough vaccination obligations begin.

Beginning January 31, Western Australia will no longer be able to participate in hospitality, entertainment, or fitness venues without proof of vaccination, which is one of the country’s broadest vaccination requirements.

However, this includes visitors to hospitals and long-term care facilities. This raised concerns that the child would not be able to stand next to the hospital bed unless the parents were vaccinated.

However, the WA Ministry of Health then outlines that one “mandatory visitor” (parent, guardian, or designated guardian) is allowed to stay with the child and is exempt from restrictions. Did.

“They are with children, which means we have children who need parents or caregivers,” a spokeswoman for Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) told The Epoch Times.

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An overview of the Perth Children’s Hospital in Perth, Australia, April 20, 2020. (Photo courtesy of Paul Kane / Getty Images)

A spokeswoman also stated that if one attended on a visit basis, both parents would be able to see their child.

“One parent is always with the child, but a second person classified as mandatory can come during the visit,” she said.

She added that other exemptions may be granted, depending on the circumstances and the needs of the child.

According to a spokeswoman, the basic goal was to limit the spread of Omicron variants that had begun to germinate throughout the state.

“We are just trying to limit the number of people entering and leaving the hospital with COVID regulations.”

The Government of Western Australia has attempted to control the spread of Omicron by overturning the decision to reopen the interstate border, admitting that double vaccination has proven ineffective against Omicron. I am. As of February 2, the state recorded 178 active cases.

To counter this, the provincial government aims to raise booster dose vaccination levels to about 80 or 90% before resuming, but Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan reopens the border closure. Did not rule out the possibility of extension. Almost 40% of the state’s population over the age of 16 has already received a third dose.

With 97.6% of WA’s population over the age of 12 receiving at least one vaccination, there is growing concern that the government has refused to lift border restrictions despite high vaccination rates. ..

Some have accused the government of not addressing the issue, despite the state’s tense closure of the health system and almost two years after the pandemic began.

However, the Ai Group continued to blame the Government of Western Australia for not taking action and blamed the decision on the chain of economic damage to the state and the country.

“This decision was made without meaningful consultation with the industry, and most of the state economy is already suffering from staff shortages, substantial labor migration, serious supply chain stress, and WA. It’s a place to do business, “said Innes Willox, Chief Executive Officer of the Ai Group.

“The state took two years to prepare a health system to deal with the outbreak of COVID, which is a question of why they are not ready to deal with the much milder Omicron variants. “, Said Ai Group WA Head Chris Chance Tratton.

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