Unvaccinated lawyers locked out of court and unable to fight orders in Western Australia

The Western Australian (WA) government has banned unvaccinated lawyers and all other staff from attending court, and from some legal experts who believe their instructions fundamentally undermine justice. I urged anger.

By order of the Supreme Health Officer of Western Australia, from February 5, all court and court staff, including lawyers and juries, will be required to receive at least one COVID-19 vaccine.

February 5 is the same day the state planned to reopen its borders before reversing the decision due to the inefficiency of double doses against the Omicron variant of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus. .. The state currently records 155 active cases.

By March 5, this will be changed to allow only fully vaccinated ones. This includes requesting someone who is eligible for a third booster.

August Zimmermann, a former Law Amendment Commissioner and Legal Director at the Sheridan Institute for Higher Education, expressed concern about this decision and its implications for clients using the services of unvaccinated lawyers.

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August Zimmermann is a professor and director of legal affairs at the Sheridan Institute for Higher Education in Perth, Australia.

“One of the hallmarks of a tyranny is that people deny access to justice, so I’m starting to feel really discouraged and even distressed by this whole development,” Zimmermann said. I told the time report.

“Vaccines are used as a means of preventing legal profession members from representing clients, so what the government is doing is ultimately making it difficult for people to access the judiciary. “

Senior police officer Ben Falconer and other members of the Western Australian Police Department have been involved in a groundbreaking case in which all 25 police officers have been working until the final hearing in March. Fighting vaccination obligations.

The Government of Western Australia requires 75% of the state’s workforce (equivalent to more than one million workers) to be vaccinated, including booster immunization.

The group, represented by Hotchkin Hanley’s lawyers, is the only group in Australia that has succeeded in combating vaccination requirements by taking over the momentum of other industries such as health, education, construction and mining that are currently underway. It became one. It’s about launching your own legal agenda.

However, excluding unvaccinated Australians from the jury may oppose proceedings that challenge the vaccination obligations.

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Protesters gathered against vaccination obligations at the World Wide Rally for Freedom event in Perth, Australia, on November 20, 2021. (Epoch Times)

Zimmermann fears that some parties, especially those who oppose government vaccination obligations, may have restricted access to basic legal services.

“There are good lawyers who aren’t fully compliant with the system, which obviously undermines the legal community in the process. They’re actually more interested in protecting the rights of individuals,” Zimmermann said. I am saying.

“You already have clients with their own legal counsel, and these lawyers may not be able to properly represent these clients now.”

“So you are now hiring a lawyer who finds it very difficult to continue to exercise their role as a legal practitioner.”

The Epoch Times asked the WA Ministry of Health for comment, but did not receive a response in time for the announcement.

Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan has previously been criticized for insulting unvaccinated Western Australians. Man.

The Government of Western Australia has banned unvaccinated citizens from attending various venues, including restaurants, fitness centers, and events for more than 500 people, starting January 31st.

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