Up to 200 teenagers broke into a $ 8 million Florida mansion, played noisy parties and boxing matches, and posted evidence on social media.


Florida officials are looking for a group of teens who have invaded a $ 8 million mansion to hold a party.

Florida officials are looking for a group of teens who have invaded a $ 8 million mansion to hold a party.Walton County Sheriff’s Office / Facebook

  • A Florida teenager broke into a $ 8 million mansion to hold a party.

  • Videos posted on social media show a noisy party, including a boxing match.

  • Florida police said they were looking for a responsible teenager.

Florida police are having a noisy party looking for a group of teens who have invaded a $ 8 million mansion to turn a foyer into a boxing ring.

After receiving a noise complaint early last Saturday, police at the Walton County Sheriff’s Office were called in, According to a Facebook post..

Most of the party attendees had fled the scene by the time the police arrived, but they posted proof of the party on social media shared on Facebook.

The video shows a noisy party attended by a crowd of teens at a house near Panama City in northwestern Florida. They included footage of two boys wearing gloves and fighting fiercely while a crowd of young people filmed it, cheered, and chanted.

The image shows a teenager tinkering with the owner’s property, such as wearing some expensive rings, playing music, and relaxing in a reclining chair.

Corey Dobridonia, an employee of the Walton County Sheriff’s Office, said an estimated 150-200 teens attended the party. USA Today.

Blackwater Street Homes are listed in Zillow For almost $ 8 million. At the time of the party, the owner was outside the town. WJHG-TV..

“Open house parties violate the law. Open house parties in the house you break in are robbers,” the sheriff’s office wrote on Facebook.

“Apart from damage and theft, you can’t price it because it’s completely invading someone’s house. When you find out that someone has entered the closet, dressed, and used the bathroom. I don’t feel like it. “It comes with a dollar amount.”

The sheriff’s office ended the message by asking someone with information about the party to come forward.

“If you were there, someone who was there would be invited and know who circulated the party flyer (yes, we know about that too), you’re asked to come forward “They wrote.

Dobridonia told USA Today that some of the teens in the video have been identified, but no one has been charged.

“Most of them were under the age of 21, and even if they didn’t think the house was robbed, they knew they shouldn’t be there,” she said.

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