Up to 8 inches of snow, icy rain, and sleet from winter storms

Weather experts predict that a winter storm will rain up to 1.25 inches in Monroe County, followed by up to 2 inches of sleet and up to 8 inches of snow, so if possible from Wednesday night. Encourage people to stay home.

“It’s going to be a very shocking storm,” said coordinating meteorologist Sam Rushley. National Weather Service of Indianapolis.

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The NWS expects rain to switch to icy rain and sleet from Wednesday afternoon to evening. Most of the time from Wednesday night to Thursday, Monroe County is mixed with icy rain, sleet and snow.

Rushley said sleet accumulation of up to 2 inches could be seen in the Herald Times portion of the county. This is rare.

He urged people to avoid traveling from Wednesday night.

“It will be confusing until the end of Thursday,” he said. “At home is the best thing to do.”

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According to Rushley, precipitation will turn into snow on Thursday morning and will sometimes be heavy with strong winds and gusts up to 30 mph.

He predicted 6-8 inches of snowfall, and more snowfall was expected in the northern part of the county.

Temperatures are expected to drop by an order of magnitude from Friday night to Saturday. According to Rushley, when the temperature is low, the snow will set quickly, which will make it difficult to shovel, accompanied by previous icy rain and sleet.

“It won’t be a manageable system,” he said.

According to the National Weather Service, winter storms are expected to cause up to 8 inches of snow in parts of Monroe County, in addition to glaze and sleet.

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The county, city, and state crew are all preparing for a long time.

Adam Wasson, Director Bloomington Public Works BureauThe city has about 32 facilities and employees are waiting to see if pretreatment can be done before icing rain or sleet hits. According to Wason, applying pretreatment now makes little sense as it can be washed away by the rain.

Public works are also coordinating with other city departments to hire volunteer drivers in case the storm turns into a few-day event, he said.

Wasson urged people to slow down and give the road crew some space.

He said the decision on hygiene services scheduled for Thursday will be made on Thursday morning.

“If the predictions are true … there may be service delays,” Wason said.

Get the latest weather forecast at Weather.gov/ind.

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