UPS suspends freight transport to Russia and Ukraine until further notice in Moscow-led aggression by FedEx

Two of the world’s largest logistics companies, UPS and FedEx, have announced that they will suspend delivery services to Russia and Ukraine in a Moscow-led aggression.

Both US-based shipping companies had previously said they would block shipping to and from Ukraine until further notice.

and Service updates On the UPS website, the Atlanta-based company announced that it has suspended all international shipments to Russian destinations from February 25 until further notice.

UPS had previously suspended all delivery services to Ukraine, from Ukraine, and within Ukraine, affecting pickup and delivery until a later notice on February 24th.

“Our focus is on employee safety, continuous service delivery, and minimal disruption to our customers,” says UPS. “UPS continues to closely monitor the situation and resume service practically and safely.”

According to the company, undeliverable packages already in transit to Russia will be returned to the sender free of charge if possible, but no money-back guarantee will apply if affected by situations where UPS services are out of control. .. ..

FedEx has published a similar one Service alert On that website.

“We are closely monitoring the situation and have emergency response plans such as temporary suspension of inbound and outbound services to Ukraine and inbound services to Russia until notified,” Alert said. To read.

Meanwhile, the company’s money-back guarantee is currently suspended for all FedEx Express services in Europe until further notice.

Elsewhere, the German logistics company Deutsche Post DHL Said All shipments between Denmark and Ukraine and reservations for new shipments were temporarily suspended.

“All current DHL Freight contracts for road transport between Denmark and Russia have been suspended as of today. The already critical situation of crossing the border with Russia has been exacerbated in the light of ongoing conflicts. “The company said. “DHL Fight reservations for new road cargo to and from Russia will only be accepted by prior arrangement.”

The announcement has been made by many airlines, including Japan Airlines, and Emirates has also canceled or changed its flight route to Russia due to safety concerns during the ongoing conflict.

In the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has entered British airspace for all aircraft “owned, chartered, or operated or registered in Russia”, including the state-owned Aerofloat. Is prohibited.

The announcement prompted prompt retaliation from Moscow, banning British flights from landing at airports or crossing airspace after February 25.

Russian civil aviation authority Rosaviatsiya said the move was “a response to the unfriendly decision of the British aviation authorities.”

European Union too announcement In a similar move on Sunday, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said the block would close EU airspace to Russian-controlled, owned or registered aircraft, including the “Oligarch’s Private Jet”. Stated.

The EU chief also told Euronews in an interview on Sunday that Ukraine “belongs” to the European Union over time and the EU wants the former Soviet nation as a member state.

“They are one of us and we want to accept them,” said Fonde Araien.

Catabella Roberts


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