US and 97 other countries announce agreement with Taliban to continue evacuation of allies

The United States, along with 97 other countries, announced on Sunday: They reached an agreement In cooperation with the Taliban, it allowed Afghanistan’s allies to continue to be expelled after the August 31 withdrawal deadline.

Important reason: The joint statement states, “We continue to allow citizens, citizens, residents, employees, Afghans who worked with us, and those at risk to travel freely to destinations outside of Afghanistan. I promise to be able to do that. “

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  • “We have been assured by the Taliban that all foreigners and Afghan citizens with travel permits from our country can proceed in a safe and orderly manner to travel to their place of departure and abroad. “The statement continued.

  • “We will continue to issue travel documents to designated Afghans, and we have a clear expectation and commitment from the Taliban that they can travel to their respective countries. We understand this. Note the official Taliban statement to confirm. “

  • The Taliban chief negotiator, Shah Mohammed Abbas Stanexai, said Friday that the group would not block people’s departure.

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