US and Canada set dates for women’s soccer semifinals in penalty shootout


Tokyo — The United States and Canada have set an appetizing semi-final in the women’s Olympic soccer tournament, where both teams won the penalty shootout on Friday.

Dutch striker Vivian Miedema and defender Anique Nawen were goalkeeper Alyssaney after the Americans won 4-2 after the United States and the Netherlands were locked in 90 minutes and 2–2 at the end of overtime. Har saved a spot kick.

Australia finished the extra time in the quarterfinals, defeating England 4–3 and then against Sweden. Sweden set a perfect record in the tournament, beating host country Japan 3-1.

Sweden’s bid to improve the 2016 Rio de Janeiro silver medal remained intact with goals from Magdalena Ericsson, Stina Blackstenius and Kosovare Asllani.

Megan Rapinoe is four out of four spots in the United States as four gold medalists set up a clash with North American neighbor Canada in the first semifinal on Monday.

As a result, the Rio 2016 campaign was shortened with a Swedish shootout on the same stage, giving the United States peace of mind that it was the first major tournament to win a medal.

They bounced off with their fourth World Cup victory in 2019 and are now a solid favorite of the Olympic gold medal in Tokyo, knocking out the free-score Dutch.

Perfect chance

The Dutch Arsenal Forward Midema has been a tournament player so far and has become the first female player to score two nets and score 10 goals in one Olympic Games.

The Netherlands had a great opportunity to win in the 81st minute when Kelley O’Hella penalized, but Lieke Martens’s shot was saved by Neihar.

“This team always believes we will find a way to win,” Neihar said. “The way this team got together was to keep fighting for 120 minutes, playing with each other, pushing, pushing, pushing.

“It was a true team effort and a team victory.”

Canada needed its own goalkeeper hero to reach the semi-finals for three consecutive games as Stephanie Labbe stopped two spot kicks in Brazil while winning a 4–3 shootout. ..

After the penalty of Canadian captain Christine Sinclair was saved by Barbara, Love saved her side with two spectacular stops to prevent Brazil’s last two-spot kick from Andresua and Rafael.

Love, who scored four saves in the 120th minute at Miyagi Stadium without a goal, was able to stay on the field after a hard fall at the end of the second half of the extra time.

Rosengård’s goalkeeper’s striking display ensured that Brazil had been denied another crack in the gold medal by winning the silver medal in 2004 and 2008.

Broken heart in overtime

Britain won as Samantha double-guided Australia to Ibaraki Kashima Stadium after Samantha scored his first goal in the 89th minute and scored 2-2 overtime, forcing him to overtime. I lost love in overtime.

Ellen White achieved a hat-trick to raise her goal score to 6 in the tournament, but teammate Caroline Weir was penalized by Teagan Micah in overtime to prepare for the surge in the second half of Matildas. I left the door open.

Mary Fowler’s heavily distracted strike found the net to stop Britain’s momentum in the 103rd minute before Carr headed for her second goal at night to block the victory.

“I’m devastated. I really thought we could win the game,” White said. “I’m really proud to have contributed to the goal, scored the team and been part of this team, but I would have given up everything and won the gold medal.”